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34 weeks 3 days

Oct 28, 2008 - 0 comments

I had doctors appointment last week and they told me that I was going to have an u/s during week 36 - so 2 more weeks to go! I am excited to see my little guy - I hope he will let us see his face this time! Last time he was bashful.  I also hope that he is still a he!  I have heard of people finding out that they were wrong at the 20 week u/s so I am hoping that is not the case with us!  I can't wait to meet my son! I have had so much sickness (2 rounds of a cold) the latter of which is still here!  I can't hear out of my ears they are so stuffy!   I am getting tired too! Only 4 more weeks of work and then maternity leave!  Hopefully I make it that long...

31 weeks 4 days appointment

Oct 08, 2008 - 3 comments

Just had my appointment with my midwife.  Everything is looking good and I measuring just fine.  I just can't wait to meet my son!  I may get another ultrasound hear in a couple of weeks - we will see.  My fingers are a little swollen, but not my feet (yet).  I weighed in at a whopping 182.2 pounds (gained 3 pounds since 2 weeks ago).  My blood pressure was fine and Landen's heart rate was okay (140's), but something weird happend with the doppler.  After we got the initial reading it jumped to 199 - 200 BPM and midwife said that it was picking up my heart rate along with Landen's and combining the 2.  His heart rate did not sound any different and she said that it doesn't sound like 200 BPM either.  My uterus measured at 31 cm.  Next appointment is 10/22 and I will be 33 weeks 4 days.

Getting kicked/punched/hit constantly and loving every minute of it!

Sep 20, 2008 - 3 comments

My dear son, Landen, is at the point ot where he is constantly hitting/kicking/punching me and I love it.  It does get uncomfortable and painful at times (like when he aims for the ribs), but I love it, b/c it ensures me that he is okay and doing well in there.  There are also times when he gets the hiccups and ends up kicking me in the ribs and/or bladder with every hiccup, but it is still all good, b/c he is healthy and strong and getting bigger every day.  I love it and can't wait to meet my little one! Only 11 more weeks to my new due date, (less than 9 to my old one).  I am so excited!  

3rd Trimester

Sep 09, 2008 - 0 comments

Well, as of last Saturday, I am officially in the 3rd trimester!  I still feel good, and can't wait to meet my son!  My energy level has gone down a bit, since I started back to work (teaching), but I expected it.  I have an appointment tomorrow with my doctor.  This pregnancy is dragging on!  I think part of it has to do with the fact that my original due date was 11/21 and then they moved me to 12/6 - so that is a difference of 15 days.  My calculations (I was charting when we concieved) would put him due at 12/3.  Hopefully he will come a few days earlier than expected.  (I would like him to come a week before :)).  My last day of work is 11/25, then we have a few days off for Thanksgiving break, so my first official day off is 12/2.  I get a total of 9 weeks off.  I hope comes early, so I can spend the most time with him.  I am so impatient right now. DH and I have his room finished.  My shower isn't going to be until the first weekend of November, though.  Time is inching by ....