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This Hateful World by Beckah Myers

Oct 10, 2012 - 1 comments





Love & Laughter




Sad ending





She sits alone
On her couch
She recalls the memories
She cries, she pouts
As every tear
Streaks down her face
The mighty power
Of his disgrace
Enrages her
Her eyes are red
Her fingernails
Dig in her head
Her mind is crowded
By the clouds
All she hears
Are his evil sounds
She dries her eyes
And then stands up
She tries to gulp
In her throat a lump
She walks, she stumbles
Blinded by the red
The only cure she thinks
Is death
She opens up
A kitchen drawer
Grabs a knife
A steak it's for
The light reflecting
On its blade
Her last tear
Falls onto the tip
Inside her mind
She makes one wish
That he will suffer
For all his life
Through her chest
Goes the knife
She falls
Directly to the floor
And moans then stabs herself once more
Her blood is smeared
Throughout the knife
One more breath
There goes her life
She did not understand
That love
Was still flowing
Through the boys blood
But choices
Some are made too late
For all this world
Is fear and hate


Oct 10, 2012 - 0 comments

I'm 13. My name is Beckah. But by most people, I'm Civil. Civil is not very pretty. Civil has many flaws. But Civil accepts them. She has only two true friends, whom she trusts with her whole life. Juno and Andrew. They also have their downs. Not too many ups. Civil is not the least bit popular. She accepts that, though. For she cannot change those gifts given to her by whatever higher being or beings there is or are. Civil goes to a Catholic school. She doesn't completely agree with the Catholic religion. She definitely believes in something higher but is open to all views. Civil has ADHD. Civil has numeral dyslexia. Civil has depression. But Civil is strong. Not physically, for she is quite scrawny, but she accepts that she is different. She accepts it. For that's what makes Civil Civil. And no one has the right to say that. Because she is the only one that receives that life. She is an individual. She is Civil.