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My (& RugRats) update

Apr 25, 2008 - 0 comments

For those that dont know my situation, My family and I were real sick, and we ended up having black toxic (and 5 other) molds..

After My daughter was put in the hospital "life threatening" and my son needed 48 YES forty eight puffs of pro air (albuterol) and having to take pill:  prednisone. My landlord (OWNER) thretened me to drop it or he would get any "paper work needed" and evict me... THAT WAS GARY CALVERT "ACTING" Director of washington county HOUSING AUTHORITY!!! (I only contacted him after advised by child welfare worker MATTHEW PARNELL........

Long story short... he tried to follow thru and gave me eviction but when i went to FED court on it... I had a lawyer, the mold report, and there dr. report, and the child welfare report, all stating about the mold and how and why we could not live there...

So he dropped FED and every agreement made was by them, but for my RugRats I had to walk away from a home... since they would not relocate us like they should legally...

We had to throw all our furniture and most of our belongings due to mold damage...

we have been homeless (AND BLACKBALLED) since march 5th,..

I have been trying to advocate for other Bonita Villa residents (many others are gettin sick but afraid to speak up out of fear of being homeless... and another family has gone homeless due to this also

Fox 12 news interviewed me you can see it here:

Check it out:

I KNow no make up shut up lol

Say prayers, looks like Suing is goin to be the only way to be listened too (Noone looks or investigates this like they should, they listen to gary and thats that... Even saying I never mentioned mold even though child welfare was advocating to them for us...) Matt Parnell of child welfare said only people to call and verify what I say (he was witness too most) is the media

love you all...

any advice and input on what to do, advice, lawyers, rentals etc... hit me up please... this is not fair to my family...

I just didnt want to loose my kids and/0r for them to get sicker

BUT THEY DESERVE a healthy place,

thanks for your time

xoxo Shady xoxo

Mold: Got swab and air quality test back yesterday

Feb 21, 2008 - 1 comments













mold report


Reproductive Health











Hi, My family and me have been real sick for months back and forth, we had no heaters and major mold (read my journals please)

Basically found out Housig Authority owns, he said he couls get any paper worl, and they were throwing me out for retalliation (long long story to put in one title)

I had swab and air quality test done (because of my story he did it for free)

Now due to results I got back everything has changed and everyone trying to help (have an attorney who will take my case now too)

Here is some of what was in test can anyone explain further what this all is (btw some health issues has been, kidneys, son needed breathing treatments yesterday, this has been bad and scary for me)
(experts from reprot)

James Price with Thomas J. Consulting, LLC was contacted by Ms. Bell to ask questions about
mold that Ms. Bell suspects are present within her apartment. Several Pictures were sent to Thomas
J. Consulting, LLC via e-mail. Although Ms. Bell stated that she had cleaned the suspect mold
growth from her apartment earlier, however the suspect mold growth returns rapidly.
Mold inspection and testing was conducted on February 15
, 2008 commencing at 10:15am.

Ms. Bell has stated that her children have had several health related mold type illnesses.
No Noted Deficiencies
Indoor Relative Humidity: 82.5 %
Indoor Temperature: 66.2 Degrees
Note: Indoor humidity should not exceed 50.%
Sons Bedroom:
At the time of inspection and testing, suspect mold staining was present in the closet area of Ms.
Bell’s son’s room
Note: A swap sample was collect at this location.

Sampling and testing protocols are based on guidelines from the Field Guide for the Determination
of Biological Contaminants in Environmental Samples, published by the American Industrial
Hygiene Association, and from Bioaerosols: Assessment and Control, published by the American
Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists.

Sample #1, A1, Swab Sample, Sons Bedroom Closet Exterior Wall, Presence of Cladosporium,
Penicillium / Aspergillus and Ulocladium
Sample #2, 1565426, Outside Control
Sample #3, 1565429, Indoor Air Sample, Living Room, Elevated Presence of Penicillium /

Mold Types Present in both Swab Sample and Indoor Air Quality.

Aspergillus sp - A genus of fungi containing approximately 150 recognized species. Members of
this genus have been recovered from a variety of habitats, but are especially common as
saprophytes on decaying vegetation, soils, stored food, feed products in tropical and subtropical
regions. Some species are parasitic on insects, plants and animals, including man. Species within
this genus have reported Aw's (water activities) between 0.75 - 0.82. All of the species contained in
this genus should be considered allergenic. Various Aspergillus species are a common cause of
extrinsic asthma (immediate-type hypersensitivity: type I). Acute symptoms include edema and
bronchiospasms. Chronic cases may develop pulmonary emphysema. Members of this genus are
reported to cause a variety of opportunistic infections of the ears and eyes. Sever pulmonary
infections may also occur. Many species produce mycotoxins which may be associated with disease
in humans and other animals. Toxin production is dependent on the species or a strain within a
species and on the food source for the fungus. Some of these toxins have been found to be
carcinogenic in animal species. Several toxins are considered potential human carcinogens.

Cladosporium sp. (Hormodendrum sp.) - Aw (water activity) in the range of 0.84 to 0.88. Most
commonly identified outdoor fungus. The outdoor numbers are reduced in the winter. The numbers
are often high in the summer. Often found indoors in numbers less than outdoor numbers. It is a
common allergen. Indoor Cladosporium sp. may be different than the species identified outdoors. It
is commonly found on the surface of fiberglass duct liner in the interior of supply ducts. A wide
variety of plants are food sources for this fungus. It is found on dead plants, woody plants, food,
straw, soil, paint and textiles. It can cause mycosis. Produces greater than 10 antigens. Antigens in
commercial extracts are of variable quality and may degrade within weeks of preparation. Common
cause of extrinsic asthma (immediate-type hypersensitivity: type I). Acute symptoms include edema
and bronchiospasms, chronic cases may develop pulmonary emphysema.

Penicillium sp - Aw (water activity) 0.78 - 0.88. A wide number of organisms have placed in this
genera. Identification to species is difficult. Often found in aerosol samples. Commonly found in
soil, food, cellulose, and grains (17, 5). It is also found in paint and compost piles. It may cause
hypersensitivity pneumonitis and allergic alveolitis in susceptible individuals. It is reported to be
allergenic (skin) (7, 17). It is commonly found in carpet, wallpaper, and in interior fiberglass duct
insulation (NC). Some species can produce mycotoxins. Common cause of extrinsic asthma
(immediate-type hypersensitivity: type I). Acute symptoms include edema and bronchiospasms,
chronic cases may develop pulmonary emphysema.

Ulocladium sp - Has an Aw (water activity) of 0.89. Isolated from dead plants and cellulose
materials. Found on textiles.

Based on return results from both the swab sample collected and indoor air quality sample
collected, Mold is present on both the surface area tested and in the indoor air quality sample
At indoor air quality levels of mold being present, it is not advised for anyone to occupy the
People with Compromised Immune Systems, Young Children and the Elderly are at a significant
Strongly encourage, relocation of occupants

Where’d all the good People go??? (even x on this one)

Feb 21, 2008 - 0 comments
















(taken outta my myspace blog written feb. 15th, 2008)

Hey everyone, Im having a sad moment (MONTH) so bare with me LOL

But I MEAN FOR REAL, where did all the good people go...

Between what landlords are doing, some eye openers on old friends, and then BOB (the thankfully x hubby)

As u all know my daughter had been real sick for about a month, and ended up in emmanual hospital,.. Neither bob, nor her family called her (he did last day she was there)

When he comes here, hes on flippin speed (coulda killed him) according to him I have no right & started using my meds against me (for adhd that I am perscribed & meet with every month) OK WHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT

and um yeah its my home.. not to mention tired of him telling me what he did for me and them um 10 years ago.

I raise these MY RugRats on own, He doesnt help with child support, I really do not know why i have even tried to keep relationship goin with him and kids.. BUT I WILL keep on...

Its amazing to hear words that come out of his mouth, he believes you cannot hate the monster you created (cuz i start the arguement he can do and go as far as he wants, cuz ready I STARTED) OMG

I could go on and on but really its more of a whered all the good people go postr ya know LOL

People who are kind hearted, and forgive, and make mistakes but not same ones over and over,..

I really cannot wait until this faze of mine is over LOL becuz for whatever reason, I like putting my faith and believing in people......

but at this point the only person who has not let me down and stayed true to who they are and say they are, is my sis... (ive known her for 14 years, & im thankful for every minute..

But as I stand right now um BREAKDOWN lol

k ***** fest on hold for few

Pics of the massive mold/Need your help/ prayers

Feb 21, 2008 - 0 comments





wrongful eviction


housing authority















(Copying Myspace Blog of mine with this was written, Feb. 15th, 2008)

Ill be making a photo album entitled mold where i will put 5-7 pics showing mol thats was just on Boys bedroom wall... Its washed but unhealthy............

Pics of the massive mold/Need your help/ prayers:

Hey all, I ahve been emailing news media, lawyers, gov. agencies all day long... Basically We had no heat for months and well need I say more about the mold issue... Look at pics of My Boy's bedroom & thats only a few of the pics, not to mention the water coming in thru the windows and wall..I would ask, but I wasnt normal in face self, cuz really I didnt wanna loose my place (as you all know I was in DV situation and went to shelter with kids for safety year ago) So I pushed issue but let time go inbetween... Come Jan. I couldnt handle it my kids were freezing... I was going to with hold rent But new manager PROMISED my sis and me shed take care of it... but she didntI had to end up calling legal aid, found out that Housing Authority actually owns this place.. Long story short (kinda) I wrote what lawyer said to (started keepin copies) manager have been non stop harrassing me since too for getting in trouble and my rent reduction letter...So needless to say Thank GOD Mattew from children services is trying to help us, but they are saying they never got such letter, im lying about situation and them, and GARY the DIRECTOR of housing authority is one of the mean hearted peeps I have ever talked to... I am having major health issues in my home LOOK AT THESE PICS... I had to throw away most kids clothes etc including there damn bed, I could have sewed them, NO i asked for rent reductionI feel they are doin this cuz they thought I was goin to, so tried to make me look badSad thing is, is I wasnt and due to my first thought NOT being goin after money I may be screwed and RugRats tooLuckily I have some agency's on my side (Program that helped move me here, is havin same prob with other tenants & they stopped moving peeps over here)I have water that comes in my vynil wondows and walls, on opposite side (outside) wall, black mold, and water bubbles damage, not hard to proove, but problem is cant do it quick enough to avoid there wrongful evictionAfter all Ive done this year with Rent always on time, doing my ready to rent classes, etc... all for nothing, I cannot believe they can in good consciense do this MY KIDS ARE SICK!!!!!!!!!So wish us luck, Im sending out these pics and a longer step by step email to anyine and everyone over the internet (lawyers/blogs/news/gov. agaency) wish me luck ive been doin it all day..