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Im Reinventing Myself ......

Apr 15, 2008 - 3 comments

I want to be a better person, not only for my self but for my boyfriend as well i love him very much and he loves me but one of these days i could lose him because of my bad attitude hes put up with alot from me. Its  scary to think about but i want to change to become a better person. hes my world and i need to start treating him the way he treats me. this is gonna be hard for me to do but im in it for the long haul. my biggest issue is that i have very low self esteem... most of the time im either mad at him or we are fighting i just want it all to stop. i love him with all my heart and soul i believe that we were meant for each other. I think im ugly and fat and not good enough for him even tho he tells me differant. i do know that he loves me but he says the way i act towards him stresses him out and he cant deal with it much longer. SOO here today i want to change for the better and im gonna reinvent my self not only will i llike my self but others will to :) the other day i got my hair cut way short i totally hate it i never had my hair this short. im not dealing with it all that great. but i got to start some where.A friend on here has the most positive attidude and a heart of gold i thank her for making me see that theres soo much more to life then just being un happy.. i have soo much to be happy for and because of her im going to see life in a whole differant light :)