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Oct 10, 2010 - 1 comments


The prolapse in my back is becoming worse. I've tried to strengthen my back, and I've been to a physiotherapist every week since half a year. Walking uphills is the worst trigger - until yesterday.

I have become very aware of lifting correctly, but what can I really do? I don't think that I did anything wrong yesterday other than actually lifting. On the vehicle yesterday we had a light-weight patient (120 pounds), no trouble - but when I got out of the ambulance to get the stretcher out, I again got this shooting pain in the left thigh/knee/foot.... It hasn't stopped yet. It's not just the aching. This comes with other - not mentioned - problems too.

The good thing is that it's not slippery outside yet and today, as yesterday, I don't need to change to winter-tyres....

Just rambling.

Sciatic problems and prolapse - NOT FUN!

More Music (Great Big Sea)

Jul 03, 2009 - 0 comments

I've always had one great passion about Irish music. Finally I found a great band doing some of that kind. I'm interested in finding more but it HAS to be irish inspired like GBS (I know theyre Canadian?). My husband is on the sea nearly all summer so a good sailor's song ain't beating my mood down either.
(Old black rum - GBS)

You're welcome to share your favorite Irish music :-p


Jun 22, 2009 - 0 comments


My daughter has been chosen to be "bride" at midsummer's day. It is a great tradition here in this part of Norway to have a "Jonsok-wedding" (and one boy and one girl from the 1st grade are chosen to be the bridal couple. First up:

AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Jonsok is tomorrow, 23rd of June and we got the letter today. Luckily enough we just bought my 6year old girl new black shoes.

Second up: I have to bake a cake and that shouldn't be a problem at all, but I ain't that good at such things lol. Any ideas are welcome!!

I'd be extremely grateful for ideas.... but I can't promise a taste of the cake I chose though, sorry ;)

Work work work c",)

May 08, 2009 - 0 comments

Before it soared me that I had been asked to do the funeral Friday, I had said yes to a graveyard-shift at the nursing home.

I said yes to the funeral but winded up standing in the shop - I didn't really fancy that but thought: Ok, it will work for one time and I'll be done 2:30. Little did I know that I wouldn't be done before 5:30!!! It is weeks and months since I did the cash but I haven't heard anything about any big mistakes. Slept 14-15 hours after that and I feel ready to do some hours for the nursing home again this afternoon. The house doesn't look like daylight yet again but my daughter really needs my  attention.