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I am M/C Again WoW

Jul 15, 2009 - 9 comments






I am sitting at this computer typing with so many mixed emotions.  I am hurt, disappointed, and upset with knowing I am miscarrying again... It started yesterday with the constant flow of red spotting, and then the bad pain.  I have had so much hope each time I got my BFP.  I just don't understand why I can't hold my babies?  I have no problem with getting pregnant,  I just can't seem to carry full term.  I have to be back at my doctor today at 1:30.  They called this morning to tell me that they needed to redo my bloodwork,  I then informed them of the heavy bleeding I was having;  so the doctor want to see me as well.  I will go ahead an opt for a D&C so the healing process can start.  I just feel so heavy right now.  My DH is at the point he doesn't want to try again, feeling like all these m/cs is harming my body so he is scared to death of ttc again.  I am not even sure myself if I want to try again.  If I can't find out why these m/cs are happening, I problem want try again.  I have to get ready now to face this reality...  I need your prayers