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Got to love Friday midnight shot

Mar 21, 2013 - 1 comments

Yes, we all hate this day. I for one want to act like a child and say " no I don't wanna." This is shot 19 and have 5 more to go. They seem to be going by kinda fast but not really. The crappy thing is since I have been back to work. I have to work Friday and Saturday after this lovely shot. My job has been somewhat understanding. My GM created a job or tasks to do on these BUSY nights. Take to go orders, quote wait times b/c that can sometimes be 2 1/2 wait for some. All around just doing random stuff to sit on me bum. But even doing that can tire me out. I commend anyone who works even at a desk job while on tx. IT BLOWS!!! 5 wks here I come!

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