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breathing problems

Feb 29, 2008 - 8 comments

breathing problems





I have been diagnosed with Unilateral Diaphragmatic Paralysis / a paralyzed diaphragm.

How can I get my Phrenic nerve tested to see if it even works?

I have seen a pulmanary specialist and he is the person that has made my diagnosis,

Tests done to date are as of 2-28-08 ( Just a guess on the spelling )

1. Breathing tests

2. CT scans

3. Floroscophy

4. Broncostophy

5. X rays

I am not ready to call it a day yet!, I would like to get some advice on my next step to become normal again.

This appears to me that they can not pin point what caused this.


Snow shoveling 12-22-07, heavy, wet, snow, 2.5 hours of snow shoveling, after all the shoveling, back spasams, pain right side of back, upper and mid, 2 weeks on IBU proffien to survive the days and nights with all the pain and spasams that I was having. I am a runner, 4 days prior to this between my daughters hockey game I ran 1.5 hours of a light jog. That day of the 22 of December, I took a quick run after the snow shoveling for a quick workout, I got to the end of the block and I could not breathe for the first time, I had no idea what was instore after that run, It is not good, I need help!

What is my next step to figure out what my options are?

Feel free to call or email with any suggestions.

me cell 262-470-2400

Any suggestions are welcome.

Terry Lesperance