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First time on MedHelp, not first in the weight-loss fight...

Nov 17, 2012 - 6 comments





try harder

First day here, so i thought it's only fitting to write an entry.
I am really not sure to whom exactly i am writing. Maybe it's just me myself and i, right?
Or maybe not. In the second case, please excuse my english. It's not my first language
and my texts will probably have quite a few mistakes. But it's the curse of the writer.
The writer needs to write.

I've been overweight as long as i can remember myself. It never was too much, but it was enough to
make me insecure. It made me feel ungly and insufficient in every way. Especially during my teen years
it felt so damn awful. I have tried dieting more than once. And always quit after two or three months.
I used to say to myself how i was ok and didn't have to go all the way down to my ideal weight and that
even half way through it was enough.

Well, it wasn't. And as soon as i relaxed and stopped thinking about it i gained back every single pound i had lost.
Until now. I decided that this is it. I am down to two weeks of dieting today. And i excersise almost daily. I am not thrilled with my progress. For some stupid reason i have not lost more than one kilogram since i began two weeks back. And it frustrates me greatly. But i will not quit this time. I want to finally get where i deserve to be. And i know i am the only one who can get me there. So this is mostly a promise to myself. I am not letting me down again. This time it's for real. This time it's not about losing weight, it's about overcoming my weaknesses and adopting a healthier way of living. It's about getting prettier inside and outside. It's about taking matters to my own hands. It's about balancing body and mind. Logic and feeling. Desire and need.

This is about me. Better late than never.