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A Survivors Pledge

Mar 05, 2008 - 1 comments



Survivor's Pledge


I am a Beautufal Person



Survivor’s Pledge

Just something I wrote to help other survivors out there.  It came to mind a couple of weeks ago and I thought it might be able to help others out when they are facing hard times and struggling with the things they endured and suffered in their past.  So this is for all you Survivors out there who are continuing to stand strong and continuing to fight, taking back control of your lives.

Survivor's Pledge by Jenna Kandyce Linch

I am a beautiful person.

I will learn to love myself again.

I will take the good with the bad.

I will think positively, keeping an open mind.

I won't be afraid to use my voice to be heard.

I will not take the blame for things that I had no control over and were not my fault.

I will stand up for the truth, even if I must stand alone.

With everything I have left in my life, I will make the most of it.

I will allow myself to heal in my own time, taking the healing process one step at a time, one day at a time.

I will not give up but keep fighting to get where I want to be in life.

I will find pleasure in the small things in my life.

To understand my fellow survivors, I will try to put myself in their shoes.

I will lend a hand and be a light to my fellow survivors.

To myself I will always remain true, following my heart.

I will learn to trust again and not push others away who want to help me.

I will believe in myself and always chase my dreams.

I will set goals for myself that I know I can achieve.

I won't back down under pressure and will not be silenced by ignorance and hate.

Every opportunity I get, I will use my past experiences to reach out to others.

I will learn to deal with my anger in a healthy way rather then in a way that will only bring harm to myself.

I will not lock away my emotions and feelings but will allow myself to cry and lose control of my emotions for I am human like everyone else.

I will encourage my fellow survivors, never putting them down or judging them for how they believe or what they go through and what they do to heal.

I will not act better then any of my fellow survivors for I know we are all in this together because of what we have endured and suffered.

I will be empathetic and understanding to the needs of other survivors, offering hope to them and being there for them through the hard times.

I will never back down in what I believe, even if others choose to follow the crowd.

I will not be so hard on myself for the mistakes of the past but learn from them and apply the lessons learned to my future.

Even when times get rough, I will keep going and never give up.

I will trust again, discerning who I can allow close to me and past those walls I set up around my heart.

I will take back control of my own life and not allow my abusers to have any control over any part of my life anymore.

I will break the chains of my past and learn to gradually let go and move on.

I will use the inner strength deep inside me to survive.

Even during life's storms, I will look for the good and weather the storm, knowing that my rainbow will come out and the sun will shine again.

One by one I will face my problems, taking them on instead of running away from them.

I will accept me, all of me, for who I am.

I will accept others for who they are and not be afraid to accept that which is different.

I will keep surviving, living, fighting as a warrior on the battlefield of life and refuse to give in to defeat.

Most importantly, I will know in my heart that my life is worth living and I have a purpose in my life, using any talents I have to make a difference in the lives of others.

'Survivor's Pledge' Copyright © Jenna Kandyce Linch

Does Your Chronic Pain Interfere with Your Social life?

Mar 05, 2008 - 0 comments






Does your Chronic Pain Interfere With Your Social Life?
Current mood: lonely
Category: Blogging

My doctor recently increased my medications this past Saturday and
Last night I was up all night, My medications are:
Multivitamin Cap, Calcium Carb 1.5 mg 2 times a day, Alendronate 70mg
once a week, Gabapentin 300 mg 2 in the morning and 3 at nite,
Venlafaxine HCL 150 mg 1 a day, Cyclobenzaprine HCL 10 mg 1/2 tablet
as needed, Divalproex 500 mg 1 at night, Trazodone HCL 50 mg as needed
for sleep, Omeprazole 20 mg 2 a day for stomach acid, Methadone 45mg a
day 3 times a day for pain, Percocet 5mg 325 mg aceacillion 2 every 4
hrs for pain as needed. The Methadone was just changed due to
increased pain and the current levels were not working.

This is the complete list of my medications and I have been crying a
lot very emotional I don't know why I have a roommate she is dating
and has been gone more than usual but I don't think that was It I was
online talking on chat and I just started crying it was a good thing
that I had my speakers on some nice lady there who remembered me told
me it would be OK, But No matter what I plan or do I cant seem to get
around these medical issues and I am very depressed over the no
progress on my social life at all, I am tired of staying at home alone
with no Girlfriend and being depressed So I did my home work and I
looked up all the things that I could do and even had a diner party to
go to on Friday it was a meditation class and then after a diner party
Well my Primary care doctor called and told me to increase my
medications and also to go back on the Cyclobenzaprine HCL 10 mg 1/2
tablet 3 X a day, After I made the changes in my med box He also told
me no driving for 2 weeks until my body gets used to the dosage
increase I thought that he was kidding until yesterday when I slept
all day I could keep my eyes open So I have some phone calls to make
this morning and after that i will try to take a short nap this after
noon. That's its for now I almost called the crisis center because I
had a panic attack I didn't know what to do about all of this not
drinking thing I dont know when or if My roommate is going to a AA
recovery meeting she works 3pm to 11pm Wednesday Thur Friday and then
10:30- 6:00 Saturday and Sunday and that dont leave a lot of time for
meetings she is Off Monday and Tuesday that is why she is over at her
boyfriends He is having a tooth pulled so she is going with him today,
and then I don't know when she will be back maybe Monday today or
Tuesday I don't know I would care except she still owes me for Feb
Rent and she is going to buy 50.00 worth of Groceries there is nothing
here almost to eat. So I have to have my Case Manager go through my
meds to check if I did the increase correctly? And I didn't get to meet
with her last week just a phone conversation so if she could come
over then I could get a few things at the grocery store to hold me over.  I don't really feel like getting out today at all because i know I will spend it all at the grocery store I am waiting for my roommate to go to the store when she gets home she knows I cant drive to any meetings and to the store, I just got up and Im dizzy and my balance is way off I think I need to sleep but if my case manager comes over I will go to the store and get something I would rather go to the salvation army food canteen there they give you enough for 2 people there and they give you bread and pastries good stuff there are other places I'm sure but they have a  card on me there I just have to call and see when they are open today. Tomorrow is VA Group I will needaride their and a ride home if I am not supposed to drive. I'm locked down this morning., So if any of you reading this are near Gainesville, Fl let me know and I will get in touch with you I am come here a lot due to my Brain Injury  I get a lot of time logged on here at the computer So even if your not from here PM mem and we can talk ladies only sorry guys I only date women and I don't PM with  men.Now that my roommate Melissa moved out I dont have anyone to help me I need a nice female roomate to haelp me and whi wants to be a friend  to.