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im diagnosed as schizophrenia but i do not feel it...

Nov 29, 2012 - 5 comments


ive seeing stuff and hearing stuff ever since i was like 8yrs old. ive asked my mom about it in my elementry years and she would laugh an say i was oppressed. she was diagnosed as bipolar schizo. althoug hshe dose not take medication for it insted she self medicated (for years) meth. and my father a depressed alchoholic. wich landed us me and my 3 younger sibling in foster care in 04 where i went from home to home and shelter to shelter until i turned 17 and went to job corps where i stayed until i turned 18 and aged out of the prego now and will be 19 in march...and im with my boyfriend...whos mom was parinoid schizo and she refused her meds as well she later died due to her behavior as her downfal she died when he was 5. and i did not see a doctor about my problems insted i kept them to myself due to being younger and talking to other kids and relizing they where not like me and cause of my moms oppressed demon stuff i kept it hidden...but then i meet andrew and he saw what others failed to notice...he said i was like his mom...he recomended me to see someone about it wich i did at 17 they diagnosed me as such...said it was due to genetics and a bad upbrining...i see things and hear things most do not...i practice a wiccan life style and cause of that it was always talked about as normal and gifted but now im not so sure...kinda pulled into reality a bit...but to be honest the more i see the truth for what it is the worse my symptoms have gotten. i do not like the meds i am given and have not been taking them. i fear my baby will be like me with it being in his moms blood and in my mom and then in me as torn between both realitys...and i feel i am not schizo.