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50 loads

Dec 17, 2012 - 0 comments

I was online looking for something to masturbate to when I came across a video where the porn actress refused to swallow anymore *** for a bukkake video. She was suppose to swallow a little over 50 loads but around the last 15, she got fed up and started snapping at the director and the guys that were still continuing to masturbate and drop loads on face. She kept letting them drop loads on her, but she was clearly pissed and would curse at some of the guys who were making rude remarks about her because she kept complaining about all the loads they were making her swallow. Some guys even had the audacity to make second trips. The director was being a douche too. I kind of felt a little sorry for her but it was more funny than pitiful and its not like she didn't know what she was getting into. Good stuff overall!

Sexual exploits!

Dec 16, 2012 - 0 comments

Last night i went to a club by myself. I was on the prowl for some female company
I met this girl like an hour after getting there. She was a lesbian and she had been watching me pretty much the whole time I was there because i had pretty much been hanging by myself. We talked, had a few drinks, flirted. I asked her if she wanted to come home with me to have a few mind blowing orgasms. She laughed and said why not. When we got back to my place, i turned on some pornstep music and we did some very sexual dancing together...grabbing eaxh other's breasts...rubbing allover each other....humping up against each other. She eventually put her hand up my dress and began fondling my vagina. I leaned back against her and let it happen. After a minute of the dancing and fondling i turned around a pushed her on the couch. We took off each others clothes and begin kissing and fondling each other. Things got pretty intense. We kissed and fondled until we both orgasmed. Afterwards we laid there kissing a rubbing each other's. Bodies. I became super aroused again and took her back to my bedroom. I asked her to fondle me from behind which she did very vigorously while she played with my brests with her other hand. The whole time i was moaning really loud and moving wildly with her hand stroking me. It felt so good...after i orgasmed, i pushed her on her back and begin eating her ***** while i fingered her *****.  After a couple of minutes of that we got up and scissored each othet wildly until she came. After she came we both got on our knees...she was behind me and she begin rubbimg my vagima again. We humped wildly while she did it and like a minute or two before i orgasmed, she pushed me face down into the bed withher laying on my back and she continued to fondle me hard until i squirted all over the bed. We kissed forva while before we both went to sleep
She left about 3 hours ago.


Dec 15, 2012 - 0 comments







masturbation help



I've been unable to work for some time now, so I've had plenty of time to indulge my sexual urges un disturbed pretty much. It's only 10:04 am where i  right now but i've already masturbated 3 times and right now I'm online watching 3 very well equipped guys ******* this curvy latino girl with fantastic breasts. Getting really turned on and probably about to masturbate again. Thinking about finding someone to hook up with for today, most likely a woman. Would love to engage in some mutual masturbation right now
Love having another woman massage my vagina while i return the favor
Mmmm...rubbing each others breasts...kissing...telling each other how good we make each other turned on.