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8 months from surgery

Jan 27, 2014 - 2 comments

Hey all, not sure if anyone reads these but here i am 8 months after surgery almost completely headache free and if i get them they are not the crushing feeling i used to have. Neck feels pretty good not sure it will ever be the same but all in all good to go. Been having seizures since the operation though, not sure whats going on with those yet but hopefully my appt tomorrow will give me a little clarity on the situation. Employer hopefully will finally let me come back to work.

after surgery

Oct 08, 2013 - 1 comments












just posting an update on my status since surgery on the 20th   june 20th i had my surgery at 7:00 am done 16 hours later im a little loose on the technical names but i had a decompression and spinal fusion c3 to skull and removal of cerebral tonsils one 18.5 mm one 17mm and wrapped around an artery surgery went well and i was in icu for 4 days due to a nurse who got a little rambunctious when removing my breathing tube and causing some lung issues o well though theses things happen i guess went to normal room for 3 more days came home doing fairly well have almost taken myself off the painkillers and switched to tylenol due to bad nausea with oxy rather deal with the pain i guess but sleeping has been an issue sleeping in a recliner because its the only place i can tried 5 or 6 new pillows and havent found one that lets me lay on my side or back so any thoughts on that would be appreciated starting to wear my neck brace next tuesday after my stitches are removed and should be wearing that most of the time untill december from what i hear as well as 4 hours a day with a fancy one that sends an electrical pulse to my fusion to generate bone growth then hopefully with all luck will prevail and ill be able to return to my career though this at this point is very iffy but all in all though frustrated i think this was the best thing i could have done and dont regret my surgery unless im in a bunch of pain at that moment:) hope everyone else is doing well and ill continue to stay active and update if different things start to happen o ya also my left ear im thinking may have gotten a nerve cut to it or something cause my earlobe is constantly numb since the surgery