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The evolution of understanding addiction

Sep 07, 2014 - 0 comments

     For many years the standard has been 12-step and the dogma and ideology that have served millions upon millions.  The problem lies in the fact that only a small percentage achieves lifetime success.  
     Like 12-step and all other programs there is no definite proof of what addiction is at its core or a treatment that has a rate of acceptable recovery.  Do to the needs of the majority, 90%, who continue to navigate the cycle of active addiction a new paradigm has evolved removed from traditional values and beliefs of just what is addiction and the path needed for a lifetime of uninterrupted recovery.  A program with a stated foundation and answers to questions that left unchecked would soon fester into fear and resentment and a return to a familiar yet deadly lifestyle.  
     Addiction is a gift I believe; yes you read it here, a gift.  It allows the opportunity for recovery and it is in recovery that for many of us that we began a journey on a path that would have not been possible even without the pain and misery of active addiction.  Many would have not strived to reach their full potentials in all the areas of their life if it were not for the devastating circumstances addiction herds us into.
     The foundation of Matlock Recovery is a belief that addiction is not acquired, and is and will be a lifetime challenge if you believe you are “powerless, a word and concept that seeds the idea that you will eventually succumb to failure.  Words are powerful positive tools or obstacles that infringe upon the complete acceptance of concepts that are paramount to a foundation of recovery for a lifetime, not “just for today.”
     Addiction is a living invasion to our being, our soul if you will, and its goal and sole purpose is to keep us removed from a relationship with our creator.  “Pockets of Darkness, (POD), are the tools that addiction has at its disposal in its attempt to keep us in active addiction or return us to it.  Remember addiction can and usually does involve more than the use of a substance, in others words behaviors can be just as devastating to one’s life as a substance and also serve to keep us from a relationship that is a guaranteed answer to our condition.  
     The (POD) I speak of are all the events of your life, good or bad both are open to manipulation by addiction when your level of belief in your relationship and the unconditional love, acceptance, and forgiveness that are offered freely wane.  The concepts, charts, and wording are presented to lay out a full view of addiction, what it is and the approach for its active reduction in your life choices.
     Dealing with the current crisis of how to stay clean along with a 5 year path in recovery, the obstacles and situations that will arise are covered in this program.  Answers and direction are offered to you, a directed program that does not allow “wiggle room”.

The Beauty & Freedom I have found in my program

Aug 15, 2013 - 0 comments

     Just because one acquires a lot of years from active substance/behavior addiction does not ever remove the core component of them from their addiction.  Addiction will always remain, actively seeking to return the person to a state of chaos and eventual death by any means it can.  Addiction can not and should not be defined by medical or mental health terminology, the effects due to this life style choice although can.  Addiction and its severity present themselves in a variety of ways.  It is only the outcome, if not addressed, and the need for therapeutic intervention that are similar for all.  Changing conventional paradigms not challenging them, dealing with concepts and ideas that are beyond the medical and mental health field’s scope of practice and beyond what has been used for more than a half century with very limited success, losing millions more than they have helped, that is the reason and necessity for Matlock Recovery.

     Why there is addiction and the treatment are laid out, straight to the point answering all your questions unlike anything you have ever been told about.  Simple yet encompassing all the nuances that can give you a life where active addiction is removed permanently, not for just a day at a time!


Apr 14, 2013 - 12 comments




For the last six years after designing new concepts and specific to the point answers, no wiggle room terminology, and with a specific direction in dealing with addiction and related issues I have chosen to speak out about a grave injustice I see.  The traditional forms of treatment, medical, twelve-step, religious… have failed to be of service to the vast majority of those that need assistance.  The numbers vary from three to ten percent for success and one still must ask, what is considered a successful outcome.  For me it is TOTAL ABSTINENCE.  Anything less would facilitate a return to an existence not a life and at some point DEATH will follow, but not before causing heartache for those loved ones who unfortunately must witness the self-destructive actions of someone who is seeking death on some level.

My speaking out so directly maybe seen as an attack, knowing this and the possibility and most likely scenario that negative feedback if not personal attacks will come from those who are entrenched in the status quo because of financial concerns or their personal bias to their dogmatic need to believe that their way is the only way.  I would be ecstatic if overnight the number for success was ninety percent from traditional treatment methods, but here again what about that ten percent for whatever reason just do not relate or benefit with traditional treatment methods.  Unfortunately the numbers are reversed, recidivism factually means that at best, for every (1) person that is helped (9) people are returned to a self-destructive existence do to concepts and a vocabulary that is filled with harmful, misleading, and potentially lethal misinformation I believe.

I ask that you take a minute or two to relax and reflect on your memories.  If you are one that attends a twelve-step fellowship recall the number of people who do not return after attending for a short period.  Recall those with weeks, months, even years that have returned to active addiction.  Those fortunate few that do return avoiding death, if you’ve been around long enough you know it happens, are doomed to pick up the same information and even with a positive attitude and a new commitment the same recidivistic material is offered.   Look at your own experiences with your recovery efforts. How many times has it taken, how many questions still unanswered, do you believe your personal program has everything you need for a lifetime?  If not there are things you can and must do if you honestly believe you deserve a quality life.

If you happen to work in the field be it a counselor, medical staff, educational teaching, and all the others, why I ask are your clients, patients, students subjected to believing that a ten percent success rate is acceptable, and your continued inference by treating and teaching that the statue quo is the best that can be achieved supports my statement.  Blaming the quality of someone’s commitment as the excuse for a dismal recidivism rate outcome should not be accepted on any level.  As the percentage cries out for, the professionals and the concerned must look to something different than the old standard if the majority of those entering treatment are to have a chance.


Jan 06, 2013 - 0 comments







Spiritual Growth

Doing nothing is a choice, sometimes the right thing to do is take a moment and reflect, this is where I am at.  For myself I must always look at my choices when I do not feel that spiritual warmth within, it is a red light indicator that I must use the tools and wisdom I have acquired these last 24+ years.

Have I put myself in this situation by non spiritual choices and actions or has life just intervened and now requires me to make choices that are spiritual in nature and learn.  Knowing all along from previous experiences, that just because I do what is required or indicated, the situation may not resolve itself in my favor.

Life lessons are our source for growth, and here once again I am back to learn more in this area.

Best of everything on your journey,