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Birth day

Jan 28, 2009 - 1 comments


Zechariah was born today!! He was 6 lbs 14 oz ans 19 3/4 in long. He was circumcised and breast feeding well... Has was a little jaundiced but doing good...

Zechariah Elio Gomez

35w5d almost there

Jan 04, 2009 - 0 comments

cerclage removal



Well here we are... 3 days to go until the cerclage is out. I have been having contractions every night, and was back in the hospital on the 30th early. My contractions were 2-3 min apart again and quite strong. They decided to give me terbutaline again and if it didn't stop they would cut out the cerclage and allow things to progress. Well the terbutaline worked and I was senthome after about 2hrs of the shot. I was told, however, that next time they will not stop them and will cut the cerclage and allow me to have the baby.

Last night I was having a lot of contractions and was debating going in, but I was so tired I really wanted to see if I could go to sleep and get them to stop. Thankfully I woke up this morning realizing this is what happened thankfully. On Christmas eve we had an ultrasound and he was only measuring 4lbs 4oz so I would like him to stay a little longer to grow some more...

I go to the Dr Tues the 6th to discuss possibilities for Wed when the cerclage comes out and they will do the strep B test or whatever it is called. I'm nervous about the cerclage coming out. I hope I dilate and things move along, but there is a possibility I could go another week or so after before having him which I guess will be okay too.. I am just very ready to meet my son...

I will keep everyone updated after Wed as to what the result was...

29 weeks today update

Nov 18, 2008 - 2 comments

So I haven't written a journal in over a month. Things are going great. I had my shower the 1st of this month. It was a great shower. There were too many people there to be able to chat with everyone, but it was so good to see everyone. I got all kinds of diapers and gift cards. Now we are getting everything ready.
Thankfully the cerclage is working ang holding my little guy in there just fine. I have a lot of pressure, but he is very low and the Dr said it is normal with a cerclage as the weight is being distributed differently. I am very uncomfortable at night when it comes to sleeping, but I when my ittle man kicks and moves all else is forgotten. I will miss all the movements when I deliver, but I will not miss the heartburn... OMG the heartburn is BAD!!
So i have gotten a rocker, the pack-n-play which will be the bassinet and changing table, and my breast pump. I splurged on the breast pump as I plan to go back to work after about 4 mths. I work nights so he willbe with my hubby not day care, but I want to make sure I can maintain my milk supply so I got the expensive Medela Pump in Style Advance... It will be worth it though I know it. I still need to get the stroller/carseat combo. I also got the swing. I have plenty of NB clothes, burp cloths, a tub, but I only have 2 towels. So I need some more towels. I also have plenty of washcloths. I also only have a few recieving blankets. I have a bunch of bigger blankets, but I need a few more receiving blankets. SOOOOOOOOOOO I think I am about ready to have this
I am so excited and as I walk around the house and see all the stuff I get even more excited... I can't wait... Unfortunately I do not have an extra room for the baby so he will be in our room, which means I have one less thing to do in decorating a nursery.
I hope everyone else is ready and enjoying the last few weeks and months of their pregnancies...

Pregnancy Tracker


Nov 09, 2008 - 1 comments

So i haven't written a ournal in a month so I thought I would. I have another cervical length check on Tuesday and I am a little nervous. I haven't been nervous yet, butI have been having a lot of contractions and pressure. I am carrying this little guy very low. I usually carry high and I am wondering if it is from the complications. Sometimes I feel as if he is kicking my cervix and even wondering exactly where I am feeling him. He is super low!! I am enjoying being pregnant as always even though I am quitr uncomfortable. I guess thats all part of it though. I love feeling him moving which is ALL the time. I love to watch my belly when he is moving as it lookes so weird. It contorts into all kids of shapes. I see see elbows and knees poking out every now and then.
He gets the hiccups about once a day now sometimes even more. it is so cute. A friend of mine said she would get tired of the hiccups, but I don't think I could ever get tired of it or annoyed by it. My restrictions are probably the mosr difficult part to deal with. I know the weight gain this time has a lot to do with the inactivity. I get winded just walking into the Dr's office. I have been nesting around the house little by little, but I am limited in what I can do and what I am allowed to do. I am getting very stir crazy though and sometimes I just need to get out of this house.
So here I am starting my third trimester in a few days and I have 8 weeks left! Then the stitch comes out and I am sure he will be coming right after the stitch comes out...