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God has blessed me

Dec 14, 2012 - 0 comments

As most everyone knows that I had a full hysteroctomy 8/29/11 which broke my heart and drove me into a depression that almost made me take my own life and my while family was split up no one was talking or getting along with each other until my brother and his finance welcomed my beautiful Niece Grace 3/5/12 she brought our family back togather it was like God sent this child to us for a reason. Let me tell you I never thought I could be so in love with a child after I could no longer have any children,but she is my world there isn't anything in this world I wouldn't do for her she has showed me that there is something to live for even though she has been with us for only 9months it feels like she has always been with us. Now God has given my husband and I another blessing we will be welcoming a baby girl in or around 3/26/13 though adoption my brother and his finance became pregnant with a oops baby and they can not afford another child this soon so they have asked us to adopt this baby. We are able to be involved in this pregnancy just like I was the one pregnant which is truly amazing to be so involved in this wonderful event. I go to all doctor appointments and will be going with her for an ultrasound next week to see for sure if its a girl lol. For the first time in years I am so happy just like mine and my husbands lives are the way it is suppose to be. Prayers would be very much appreciated in this very special time in our lives and I will updated after we know for sure on the gender of our child..

Going to be a mommy

May 26, 2012 - 0 comments

As everyone knows I had a hysterectomy 8-29-11 which broke my heart and I went though so much depression that I believed there was no hope of me becoming a mother so I had been hating God. I thought God had left me behind because I wasn't good enough. I would look at people I knew that kept getting pregnant then I would cut them out of my lives cause I was not going to see all these people having what I wanted that is one reason I had left medhelp for so long I even cut my own brother out of my life because he and his girl friend were having a baby.  When things changed my feeling was when my niece was born 3-5-12 she became my whole world we have such a bond now so this leads me to the day I found out I was going to be a mommy. I have become very close to my brothers gf she is just like a sister to me so when she came to telling me she believed she was pregnant again when her baby is only little over 2 months old she wanted to know if my husband and I would adopt her baby so we told if she was we would love to adopt the baby.  So last Sunday may 20th 2012 my brothers gf had been having llots of pain in her stomache so I took her to the er to find out what was wrong after the blood test came back she is pregnant and she became pregnant with the IUD that she had to have removed so when they did the ultra sound we found out she is having twins and she was 7wks3days and now she is 8wks. We are so excited that we will be welcoming our babies on or be 1-2-13.. Thank you to everyone who have been praying for me during all my rough times...

1 month since Hysteroctomy

Sep 29, 2011 - 1 comments

It has been 1 month today since i had my surgery for hysteroctomy I have had a rough time with this whole thing my hormones has been crazy so i had to up my meds which seem to be helping alot,but still i am having alot of  depression right now and it ***** i just want to feel good and move on with my life now. Last week i had to go see my dr because i was having so problems i was bleeding heavy like a period, but i don't have anything at no uterus,tubes or ovaries so i ahd blood work done and a ct scan blood was normal but the ct scan showed a small tear in the vaginal cuff where my cervics was so today when the dr checked me it has healed and dried up so no more bleeding thank God i was super scared. I will be seeing a counselor starting october 26th so i can take about my feeling and deal with the lose of not being able to have children on my own since i am so young. My husband and I are looking into adopting here very soon and also we might become foster parents to help other children we have found a couple adoption agencies that we are looking into this is so crazy because adoption is so expensive it makes it hard for people to adopt who are rich,but i know God has a plan for us to bring home a little bundle of joy we are going to adopt a little girl if possible because that has always been my dream is to have a little girl. Thank you everyone for all your thoughts and prayers during this tough time i have been though.

Hystercotomy is Done

Sep 03, 2011 - 1 comments

I had my hysteroctomy on Monday August 29th,2011 its so weird to say that at 25yrs old I am healing well haing lots of pain looks to be about 8 weeks full recover from this I am on hormones which are not to bad since my hysteroctomy i have not had 1 hot flash like i did before it all came outso it looks like i may have been going though menopause early so good thing it is out. My husband and I are looking to adopt in the very near future and i would like to adopt a little girl so thats one thing i am looking forward to doing. My husband has been so supportive in this whole thing and i am so blessed to have him im my life. I can't wait for life to be normal again and i can learn to deal with what life has given me. :)