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Our Birth Story 2/21/2018-2/23/2018 VERY LONG

Mar 15, 2018 - 8 comments

Hubby and I were lying in bed wed evening after taking an nap and he said dear you might want to go ahead and call the hospital and see what time we need to be there. This was around 7pm. So I called the, and the nurse in the phone said yes ma'am we've got you all ready and you all can come on in now if you want. I thanked her and got off the phone. Told hubby what she said so he said ok, great let's get on up and make sure we take care of any last min things around the house. So we got up and made up the bed. I asked him to get my hospital bag out of the car so I could double check it. I'm glad I did because as many of you know my parents are no longer with us and I wanted to have something of my mother with me. Which was the golden colored gown that I am wearing in the pic that I uploaded of myself.

So we finish making sure that the house is in tip top shape because we knew that when we get back home with the baby things are going to be totally different and I wanted to also come back home to a clean house after giving birth.(tiresome). So as hubby took bags back out to the car and the car seat I got in shower and hubby joined to help me out (washing my back and hair) and for some last time intimate time for a while (no sex just to be close). We get dressed and head out to the car. Hubby helps my down the stairs and into the car. As we are on the way to the hospital he looks over at me and asks "are you getting nervous" I say no I'm doing okay. We only live like 15-17min from the hospital. We arrive at the hospital at approx. 8:45pm or 9pm Wednesday night.  As we drive up to the Administrative dept of the hospital I look over at him and say "Now I think I'm getting nervous". So he pulls up at the door and helps me out of the car. I tell him baby I'm okay I can walk this go ahead and park the car. He drives off to go park as they are doing construction at our hospital and it was a long walk from where he had to park to where he dropped me off. I'm inside getting paper work filled out and everything as I wait for him to return. By the time he get's to where I am we are all ready to go. So then the nurse takes us up to labor and delivery.

So I get to my room and the nurse introduced herself and instructs me to take off everything and put on the hospital gown. Things start to really get real as there is absolutely no turning back at this point, LOL. So I do as told and when my nurse returns she's telling me how they are putting me on a low dose pitocin to get contractions started. So wed night I start to have low grade contractions around 10:30pm. Was on this a few hrs and then pelvis was checked to see if I had dilated and I was still at a 1cm. So once they could see that the Pitocin wasn't really doing to much they gave a pill vaginally to help induce labor. The pill did what they were designed to do and that was make me contract. So they tried this for most of the early morning Thursday morning. between the hrs of 2-6. Checked the pelvic area again and still nothing. So what was happening is that from where I had the cerclage a scar had grown there and this is what was causing me not to dilate that scar would not rip. So after hrs of pain with just the vaginal med the decided to try what they called a bulb or a balloon. they insert it as if I was getting a pelvic exam, honey child let me tell you by this time I am tired of these pelvic exams especially as they hurt so bad and may of been even more so because of the scar not giving way. So once the bulb was in they filled it with water and when I would have a contraction it was supposed to help force my cervix open but oh no I had to have the stubborn cervix, LMBO. They bulb was in for 2 to 3hrs and then they finally took it out as it wasn't doing anything.

Nurse came back and gave me half of a oil to take orally. It was the same pill they gave me vaginally. Again the contractions started and this time were even stronger and I was having them in my back!!!! Still only for nothing to happen and I was only dilated 2cm at this time. I HURT all day and night Thursday. At one tie I wanted to cry and hubby said baby its okay your body is going through a lot right now and if you want to cry then cry there is no shame in that. I looked at him and said I want to but I don't want to look like a punk, LOL. He said sweetheart you cannot be serious who is going to think you are a punk, I said I don't know :-) So in the wee hours of the morning Friday I was able to get some sleep, maybe 4hrs worth. Around 5am my midwife came into check on me and to do another pelvic. Still only 2cm. She asked if we wanted to try the pill again or the bulb. My hubby interjected quickly and said neither. He said she was in pain all last night and part of wed. Now here we are Friday morning and this is what you tell her that her options are. No there has to be something else you all can do. He said I'm not gong to sit here and watch my wife go through all that pain again and there still be no positive results. which at this time I was agreeing with him 100%, LOL......

So she said well y'all talk it over and I'll go get the Dr. So Dr. came back about 10min later. He said I heard you all are ready to go so let me go get your discharge papers ready, we all laughed together. He was like so we tried the vaginal and oral med as well and the bulb. The only other option that we have is a C-section, and you guys are sure that what you want. Which I think they already knew I would have to have a section because even when I started gong  He said alright let me go talk to operating room Dr. and we'll get things started going for my visits every week. Right there towards the end when things were really winding down I had like 3 pelvic checks within 4wks and all 3 Dr. said they could feel the scar. So I think they already knew that I would have to have a section but just wanted the decision to be mine since it wasn't an emergency situation. My nurse prepped me and explained what all was getting ready to take place. They also brought hubby his scrubs for entering into the O.R.  

My room was across the hall from the O.R walking distance so they let me walk since that was all the walking I'd be doing for a while. As I got to the operating room a fear tried to come over me and I started praying as I was walking over. Got to the O.R. and they put me on this lil bed/table got my epidural started and the med took effect really quickly. They laied me down and my nurse was walking me through what was happening and then as me medicine started to work she would poke me in different places to make sure that I was numb. I was and then they put the drape up so I couldn't see what the Dr. was doing soon after that got started hubby came in and sat up near my head. He could peep over the curtain and see what was going on. I felt a lot of tugging and pressure. I remember asking him Dear, are the cutting me in the correct place he laughed and said yes, why. I said because it feels like they are cutting me up really high. But what I was feeling was Treal because he was so long and still up kind of high, LOL

I could hear the dr. and nurses talking and he said Goodness you have a BIG handsome baby boy! The nurse said Oh my look at all this hair! Oh I could hear he talking about how big he was as she was trying to pull him out. He was really in there too because I could honestly feel all the tugging and pulling from her trying to get a good grip on him and get him out of me what an experience! So I decided to have my tubes tied which I went through with. If I was younger and had not had so many previous miscarriages and if they were not as bad as they were hubby and I talked we very well would of had another baby. But I didn't wanna risk that happening again and not to mention all that I went through physically. So I told them sew me up y'all cannot pay me to have another baby. The whole room went to laughing. Now don't get me wrong you could give me another baby but me go through all that again NEVER, lol!!!!!

But as they got Treal out and I heard his first cry I cried myself the tears just ran down my face. Hubby still sitting next to me asked was I okay and I told him yes. But when the nurse brought him over for me ot see that's when it all became real and I cried like a baby! hubby wiped my tears and kissed me and said he's here dear. Our son and he's beautiful. I looked ant him and nodded my head as I couldn't say anything as I was so in shock that this was really happening. That I, me, Yolanda, Keelolo was a mommy.

Although I went through so much physical pain he was worth it all. The hurt knees and having to walk on crutches, and ride the electric cart when we went to Walmart. Worth the swollen feet and ankles, the back pain, the gestational diabetes. He was so worth every single thing that I went through to be able to look at him today and say God I thank you for our son.

P.S. To all my dear dear friends here @ medhelp that have gone through this long journey with my hubby and I we made it. So many ppl asked how after losing my mother(2010) father(2013) niece(2014) (5yrs)  my best friend(2014) 3 miscarriages(2013-2015) and 1 chem(2016) losing my 2 grandmothers(2016) within a week of one another and then my mother and law (2016) exactly one month later. All I can say is that it was God that kept me and my Faith that wouldn't let me give up. I reminded God constantly of his promise to me

I know this story was very long but that's just me I'm very detailed when telling a story. I tried to cut it short as much as I could. But to those that read this I hope you enjoyed and thanks

13 weeks 2 days scare :-(

Jun 27, 2015 - 23 comments

Well we had a long night last night at the ER. Got there around 12:41 am and left at 7 am..... I started bleeding last night around 11:30. I went to bathroom felt fine but when I went potty I felt something pass. Afraid to look I finally did. I saw a clot and some dark red blood but when I wiped myself there wasn't much blood on the tissue. I was the light redish/pink color that you would see as if your period was going off.

I thought ok it was just a fluke thing and all was ok. So I went a hot back in bed and not even 5-10 min later I felt something again.... Went to bathroom and boy did all hell break loose... There was dark red blood and clots I was so scared. Of course I called my hubby and he was home in 15 min

We went to hospital and they got us a room in the ER. I was getting ready to tKe my clothes off and change into my hospital gown and when I pulled my ants off there was blood running down both my legs with my panties still on. Never had that happen before. I got in bed hubby went and got the nurse to tell her about all the bleeding.

The nurse n Dr on duty came in my room. He did my pelvic exam and explained to me that my cervix was opened a lil and that it looked like I was having a miscarriage. I asked him was there an Ob on call and if so that we needed to call him/her.  So he went to look and thank God the Ob on duty was one from my office... So the Ob got there and used the mobile u/s machine and praise God he/we saw our lil blessing in there with his/her heart just a flickering!!!!!!!!!!!!

After that he did a pelvic exam and assured us that my cervix was indeed closed and there was no new blood. He put me on bed rest for a week. So I don't return to work until July 6. So dh and I are going to calculate our finances and see if he can swing the bills for 2-3 months and I just hang out at home.... It's going to be boring because I'm used to working and coming and going....... But if it helps us to get our lil miracle here safe and healthy it's well worth it!!!!!!

So I'm to call first thing Monday and get seen one day this week for a follow up and Doppler heartbeat scan. He did say he did not see any clotting and doesn't know why this is happening. If any of u have any suggestions as to questions I may need to as please let me know. I want to do e erythung possible that I can to help our baby make it home in Dec.

Thanks  ladies

God keeps on blessing Us.

Jun 04, 2015 - 16 comments

Had a scare, I actually though we had lost our lil miracle :-( Tuesday night had to go to the ER I started cramping in my rectum almost like a muscle spasm!?! It moved up I started getting worried of course and immediately started praying.... Then I felt something like an air pocket. I put my finger down there and there was blood...... A lot of dark red blood. I jumped straight up and went to the bathroom, phone in had. My DH was at work I called my sister. She was closer lives 2streets over. Then I called DH at work 20min away.....

As I sat in the toilet I felt the blood running out. I didn't wanna push or anything just let things happen on their own(naturally) As I sat there I also felt something fall out the size of the lil rubber ball you may get your child out of the gum all machine.... I knew just then our lil miracle was gone. I called my sis... "Where are you" I'm pulling up she said. She comes in runs to bathroom. I say Boo I think I loss the baby. She got me some panties and pants. As I'm getting dressed, hubby pulled up and came home he helped me get dressed. Sis said I a see if anything in the toilet, I couldn't. She poaked in the toilet and she said she saw a clot or something when she tapped it it popped open but it just looked like blood she said she saw no fingers or toes. So hubby loads me in truck the blood soaked through my panties, my jogging pants on to a double folded towel I sat on in my DH truck.

So we got there and the ER Dr saw me. Checked my cervix to see if it was still closed and there was no baby in my vagina. Praise God it was still closed and there wasn't a baby waiting there. As he did my pelvic exam and to check my vijay-jay he removed some clots....YUCK!!! We were there about 3hrs. So we went home hubby stopped by Walmart and got me some pads for then night just in case. So we went to my Ob Wed morning and got checked. Did an U/S and THANK YOU JESUS we saw our baby and heard his heartbeat at 163 bpm!!!! Bleeding had become light streaking by 11am yesterday and completely gone this morning!?! But this same thing happened last pregnancy. I don't know why!?! But thank God for turning 10weeks today.

Our love Our loss #2

Jan 19, 2014 - 42 comments

It all began yesterday Jan 18,2014
..... I was laying in bed and had to pee so I went potty. When I went I had what felt like an air pocket or a clot as u may feel if having your period. So I went to rest room and nothing there. After I peed I still felt what I describe as the air pocket there tinkled a lil more and still nothing. So I went n got in bed DH was feeling a lil lovey dovey so we thought we were about to be intimate. I told him babe I feel like something is down there........ He opened my legs and "sploosh" out comes a big gush of water. He said " what was that" I said "Babe I think my water just broke" so I sprang from the bed when I stood up the water kept coming like I couldn't control it. I called my ob's office and he told me come to hospital he was dr on call..... So we get there maybe between 2:30-3p.m. Did ultrasound baby had heartbeat still of 145-150 but no fluid in sac :-(. Ran a strip to be sure it was amniotic fluid and not just pee it wasn't. So dr says you can go home or stay here. Since baby still had heartbeat at this moment, he was not going to pray God and that miracles do happen and it could seal over and fluid refill.  So we came home on bed rest he told me I may or may not lose baby but at that moment he could not say 100% how it would go pretty much 50-50....

Jan 19th 2014
..... It was almost 24hrs. I felt I had to pee went to restroom. Again I felt the same feeling like a air pocket. I wiped myself nothing there. I started to get up from toilet but felt again like something was trying to come out. I sat back down tinkled a few drops and wiped nothing........ When I went to wipe a 3rd time I hit something that felt kind of rubbery hanging out of my vagina!!!!!!! (Super scared)  I. All for my hubby he said "what is it babe, are you hurting" I said " NO, I'm scared...... I just felt something hanging out that felt kind of hard but rubbery" I said " Ty I think it's the baby". He said ok we started getting dressed. I called my Ob on the way luckily he was the weekend on call dr he told us come right away. We get to the hospital and they take me to ER right away..... Nurses prep me and when they came in to look baby was breech and was out to the knee. (Crying)!!!!!!!!! He says ok baby is breech and out past cervix I'm going to go get Dr. Dr comes and wishing 10-15 min baby was out... (Crying harder) my hubby saw his/her legs and feet and he  Rome down yet standing there holding my hand comforting me..... God I love him, he's great. But my placenta did not come out. Dr's cut umbilical cord and clamped to stop and potential bleeding. Was trying to see if it would pass on its own as baby did. Abound 6 p.m. it still had not passed to they had to prep me for surgery for a D&C. Oh before we left ER, RN did ask if we wanted to see the baby. I did not because he/she wasn't fully developed and I did not want that permanent image of my baby that way in my head. He explained that. Any looks way different on u/s that in actual life.  So they take me to the OR and I prepped for surgery, after that all I remember us being rolled back to my room and there awaiting me was my Amazing hubby, and my great siblings and our adopted mom. Still no pain so Glory be to God for that. They prescribed me Codeine for pain and another med to help with the bleeding..... So right now I'm home in bed resting!!!!! I wish you all were here with me right now...... My family support is great but it's not like ppl that know what you are experiencing because they have been there or close to it!!!!!! I thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. And I am still believing God that one day he will bless us to bring home Our baby boy/girl........ I love you all and thank you again for everything!!!!!! Hugs