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April 13th, 2008...Upcoming Surgery

Apr 13, 2008 - 1 comments


I am facing an upcoming surgery, every addicts worse nightmare (at least when your clean and in recovery)...

My surgery is scheduled for 4-17. I am having surgery on my 2nd toe in my right foot. I stubbed my 2nd toe about 3 months ago and it pushed it sideways against my 3rd toe. I have had 2 months of injections and tapping the 2nd toe to my 1st toe with no luck. On Thursday, I am having outpatient surgery to repair the joints in my 2nd toe to hopefully relieve the pain and push the toe straight.

As an addict recovering (at least my most recent drug of choice) from opiates, I am scared to death of this surgery. I am presently on 24mg daily of Suboxone for opiate maintenance. I really dont want to take narcotics at all. I am hoping to get thru the pain with just Advil and Ice. But if the need comes for something stronger, I have a great husband who will admister to me. My only fear is that in order to take anything stronger, I will have to be off the Suboxone for 3 days. I have not decided if I am doing that before the surgery or not.

I am torn about this. I have been sharing my fears with my sponsor, with other NA members, and sharing within the rooms. I also have an appt with my Sub-Dr the day before the surgery.

I know I will get thru this somehow. I also have been praying every day and night for GOD to watch over me during the surgery.