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Bf's inconsiderate friend

Nov 20, 2010 - 1 comments

Bf asked 3 days ago if I minded if we went out to breakfast or lunch with his friend Aundria. Which I have issues with there friendship because she is just really mean to him and so much more I can't even get into at this time.

I agreed and we decided on 11am since BF had to work till 2am at the bar.  

We get there and Aundria asks to hold Kaelynn so I hand her over to her and Phoenix her 2 year old is sitting next to her and asks if she can hold the baby and Aundria lets her hug K-bug. Phoenix is holding her hand which at this time I'm not upset.

A few minutes later after I have K-bug back Phoenix tells me she PUKED this morning! Aundria said "yeah she puked and is running a fever" I was furious of course I was nice and bite my tongue. I wish I hadn't now though. Phoenix is sitting there eating shivering. Obviously she has a fever because it was quite warm in the restaurant. She even asked for her coat while she was eating because she was cold.

If her daughter was sick she should have canceled breakfast. I know that BF only gets to see her every few months.

We get out to the car and I tell BF how pissed I am and he replies "I didn't know she was sick" I reply "I know but I'm still pissed she should have canceled" he replies "I agree but you know that saying No reason to cry over spilled milk. It's done and we can just hope that Kaelynn doesn't get sick."  

What don't cry over spilled milk? Seriously I couldn't believe he just said that I bite my tongue again so we didn't get in a fight. I was pissed and I had every right to be pissed. I have put off seeing my friends brand new babies because I had a little cough even though I wasn't very sick because I didn't want to bring germs around there babies. I even missed my friends sons 1 year birthday party because I had a cough and her sister had a 3 month old that would be there I didn't want to get sick.

It just further proves that she is a stupid idiot. Another reason for me not to like her. If my daughter was sick and puking I wouldn't take her anywhere my plans for the day would be canceled.

I'm just praying that my baby girl doesn't get sick. I don't want to deal with a 3 month old puking with a fever when I have done everything to keep her away from sick people. I haven't seen my dad in 3 weeks because he's been sick and just now feeling better but still has a lingering cough.

I'm still upset 7 hours later. I'm think I just needed to vent a little since BF is being stupid and I couldn't vent to him.

Birth Story

Sep 26, 2010 - 5 comments

So I finally have a few minutes to type up my birth story.

Sunday Aug 29th I called L&D at 8am and was told that if I didn't hear from them by 5:30pm then to call them back. I didn't hear from them all day I was so bummed out and so impatient all day. I hate sitting around waiting on anything. We decided to go out to dinner and take all our bags with us then just go to BF's parents house if we hadn't heard from the hospital by the end of dinner.

5:30 came and I still hadn't heard from them so I called and was told to call back at 6:30pm. We went to BF's parents house and I got a phone call around 6:20 from L&D telling me to come in between 7-7:30pm.

I arrived at the hospital at 7pm and was taken straight to a room all set up for me.  The nurse said I was her only patient for the night. She started to get everything ready to place my IV since I was being induced. She was called out by another nurse and she had forgotten something she needed. This happened several times and it took almost 2.5 hours for  her to finally get my IV in just in time to have my blood drawn for lab work.

My OB showed up at 10:45pm to place the Cervidil. The nurse gave me some nubane for pain. I can't believe how painful it was placing the cervidil. The nurse said that my Dr was pretty rough when placing it but insured that it was placed in the right place and most the time it isn't placed high enough. They also ask him why he doesn't start at the door and take a running start. I was dilated to 1cm but still only about 50% effaced.  It was to be in for 12 hours and then I could start the Pitocin. We just relaxed and watched a movie on my laptop and tried to sleep a few hours. The bed was so uncomfortable I didn't get much sleep. They had a couch where one of the ends pulled out to make it longer for a bed for BF. He said it was very uncomfortable and he had a metal bar in his back all night so neither of us got much sleep.  

I woke up around 8am had breakfast and a shower. The Nurse removed the Cervidil at 11:40am and I was now 3cm dilated. They started the pitocin drip at that same time.

I was having pretty regular contractions from the start and I was having a lot of pain in my pubic bone so I asked for another dose of Nubane at 1:35pm.  I was able to handle the contractions they felt like period pains but the pressure was causing a lot of pain on my pubic bone. I asked for the epidural and it was placed at 2:45pm. I was checked at 3pm and was 6cm and 100% effaced baby was still high -2

At 4:25 the Dr came in to break my water. He said I had a lot of water it made a big mess. I'm so glad it didn't break at home. He said I was now 7cm.

About 5 mintues later the alarm went off on the heart monitor and the nurse came running in. Her heart rate dropped to 65bpm. She had me roll on my left side and it went up to 80bpm but not high enough. She had BF run and get another nurse and two more nurses came in. They had me get on my knees and elbows. Her heart rate went back up and they did an exam to make sure her cord wasn't being compressed. Another bag of water was broke. She said I must have had two bags because it was a lot of water the second time. They had me lay on my back at 4:35 so they could attach a scalp electrode to monitor the baby's heart rate better. It took 3 tries to get it attached because Kaelynn had so much hair.

Several times the alarm went off and several nurses came running in and jiggling my belly around having me switch positions and checking to see if I was fully dilated yet. They started asking me questions and getting me preped for a c-section. It was pretty scary. They joked around and was calling Kaelynn a Diva demanding so much attention before she was even here.

At 7:15 they checked me again and I was complete at a +1 station. I started to push and only 27 minutes later at 7:59pm Kaelynn was born. She wasn't breathing she had her cord wrapped around her neck twice. They rushed her to the warmer and started to work on her they suctioned and bagged her. I was freaking out and my Dr kept telling me she was fine. It seemed like an eternity but then she started to cry. It was almost an hour before I got to hold my baby girl. Bf did take a few pictures so that I could see her.

When I heard her cry I started to cry knowing she was ok.

Stains!!! Baby bump catch all

Jul 05, 2010 - 10 comments

I have always worn white shirts. I've never had a problem with getting food or anything else on my shirts. Since I started getting a bump around 13-14 weeks I have used more SHOUT than I have ever used. I am constantly finding spots on my shirts.  I'm afraid to wear white now. I'm constantly looking down at my shirt to make sure there's nothing on it.

Anyone else having this problem?

Frustrated!!!!! BF wont let me buy any baby stuff

Jun 22, 2010 - 16 comments

When we found out I was pregnant we decided to wait on buying anything until we found out what sex and wait to see what I got at the baby shower and what we still needed to shop for. The whole reason I did my shower at 29 weeks so I still have 10 weeks to purchase a few items here and there and not have to go out and spend a large sum all at once.

I had the shower on Saturday and Sunday I spent the day going through everything and making a spreadsheet of what I have, need, and want.  I organized it by categories of items.  Feeding, Bathing, Diapering, Linen. I also made another spreadsheet of clothing items by size and type. How many of each item we have and still need.

I have a very organized list of what needs to be purchased by the time she's born and what can wait and the time line.  

We just found out our roommate will be moving out when our lease is up so we will also be moving. With me not working for 3 months after the baby is born we just can't afford the rent here with out the roommate. BF is just now back to work himself. My hours have been cut and switched to day shift so I no longer make much in tips.

He keeps telling me were poor and that we can't afford anything. (This is the first time he's ever had to live paycheck to paycheck since he broke his ankle. I don't live paycheck to paycheck I have money in my checking and savings accounts.) I know that we can afford stuff. I got over a hundred dollars in gift cards for Target. I'm just waiting for the 10% off coupon they give you to purchase anything still on your registry. I know how to bargain shop.

Now he's using the excuse of us moving. I can't buy anything because he doesn't want to have to pack it and then unpack it and we don't have the room to store it either. I know our apartment doesn't have ANY storage two small closets. It's ridiculous actually.

I have been waiting 29 weeks to go shopping I was so excited for the shower to be here and that meant I got to go shopping afterwards.  I went to Ross today and bought baby clothes while he was at class. I took all the hangers off and folded them up and put them in the dresser. I got 5 onesies with pant outfits, 4 sleepers, 5 sack sleepers, 3 bibs and it only cost me $45. I think that is a great deal for 14 outfits. I know I still need more sleepers because all she will wear for the first few months is onesies and sleepers. I got tons of onesies.

I have had my heart set on this bedding set I picked out 3 years ago when I was pregnant and miscarried. I want this set so bad and can't find anything else that I even remotely like. I found the set on for $130 so much better then $180 at the store. He says $130 is WAY to much and no way am I buying it we don't need it all I need to get is sheets for the crib. I feel like buying it and having it shipped to my dads and telling him that someone bought it for us.  What he doesn't know wont hurt him right? I just don't know what to do anymore.