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After Doctor's Appointment

May 09, 2008 - 0 comments

Balanced diet





Well, this morning I went in for my appointment with the doctor. I was actually impressed because of the way that he handled my case. I was spoken to like a human being and he talked in plain English about how to handle this. He agreed that I was experiencing a malabsorption of fat based on the symptoms that I exhibited. For the past three days now, I have started making more sensible food choices. The diaherea is gone now along with my other symptoms. The doctor agreed that I should continue with the diet and he perscribed a drug called Cholestyramine. He told me that if the symptoms are under control with the diet alone I don't need to take it. If the symptoms come back or grow worse then he is going to follow up with more testing. It's nice to also know that it wasn't just a "nervous stomach" but actually a medical reason for why I felt crappy.

After my appointment, my girlfriend and I drove about 45 minutes away to a nearby city to go shopping and have lunch. It was great to not have to ask her to stop to go to the washroom. My lunch of a Greek salad with grilled chicken also stayed down the way that it should. It just felt really great to have energy again to enjoy walking around the mall and shopping. The week before it was a struggle to do simple chores like doing my dishes, because I was so tired. I'm actually excited to attend the bookings I have next week in local schools to substitute teach (I had to turn some calls down last week because I was ill). Substitute teachers don't get sick pay here in Canada, so my illness was costing me economically as well as physcially.

Maybe the illness last week was a sign that I need to take better care of my health than I have in the past. My lifestyle has from time to time been a little crazy due to the nature of my work. This September I am hoping to secure a permanent teaching position to better get into a routine. I have actually felt healthier on long term assignments, because I had a set time that I went to bed, got up in the morning, and ate my meals. I know that I have control over those things, but you don't feel like getting up as much as you do if you have a job to go to every day. That lack of stability has also been a source of serious stress of me that is going to change in the near future.

Role of Diet?

May 08, 2008 - 0 comments



symptom management

These past few days I have been eating a plain diet and the symptoms have gotten a great deal milder. My stomach has been able to tolerate lean meats like chicken or pork baked in the oven, vegetables and fruit, yogurt, a small glass of milk, and small amounts of grain products. On Tuesday, I had hardly anything to eat so when my husband got a poutine for himself I asked for a small one. I managed to eat it with a glass of water, but I was in the washroom within 30 minutes of eating. This has also happened on the rare occasions when I have been on the road and stopped to eat at McDonald's (a regular size sandwich, fry and drink). It frustrates me when this happens because I realize that my body isn't getting the nutrients it needs. At least, I can keep down some foods okay, which might be a start in managing this, whatever it is.

I'm hoping that this doctor can find out what is wrong. The medical office informed me that my doctor has gone to part time hours, so I am getting a new doctor.