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Hot Hot Hot!!

Jul 18, 2008 - 0 comments

Well for the last fews days Dylan and I have been moving into our new apartment. So tiring! We got told in the last minute we have until the next day to move out, crazy eh. I still had to get things packed up while moving. Although I didnt feel tired because I was pregnant I just felt tired from being on my feet so much and being in the heat. The baby did great slepted most of the time, I didnt feel dizzy or anything to tell my body a different way that I need to rest it was alright! Today Im fine, went out to get new clothes. I love how all these people on Kijiji is willing to give me free baby stuff, it helps me alot! I dont need to worry about spending so much money. Im getting a bassinet, bath tub, jollie jumper, I just got a walker and spinner thingy and more clothes. My friend is brining over the changing table and a few other things. I will be able to get a few things for the apartment we need now :)

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