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Feb 06, 2013 - 0 comments

Where to start. In 2011 I was having some extreme pain. In some of the scans they found swollen lymph nodes. They say lymph nodes don't hurt well it seems mine do. On top of that in early Jan 2012 we went to Un of Colorado in Aurora. When they did the USE they found a 17x18mm mass near the porta heptus of the liver. The attending Dr said when he looked at it with the ultra sound he thought it was cancer. They did FNA of the mass. The path report was incomplete but it was found to be dead cancer cells. It is just an annomly could be from the chemo that killed the cells.
I still have severe pain in my right side rib cage area and was told with the type of SOD I have surgery of an ERCP may not help. I went to the Dr today and am to have a CBC panel done because I have some bruising under my left arm. I also got a script for 5 extra 50mcgs of fentanyl every other month. Sometimes the effects want to seem to wear off after 48 hours.
I don't know it depends on how the blood work turns out if something indicates a problem then maybe make an apt in Denver again. My local PC  is good as my pain management Dr and I get an allotted amount of pain meds per month. Just hope everyone here is doing well and I am glad to be back.

wondering how everyone here is doing??

Dec 30, 2011 - 0 comments

I have been hanging out over on the Inspire pages lately. Sad thing that there too we see
people leave us because of cancer. I started a journal over there too but this on has been with
me for a long time. I am going to go to the University of Colorado to have my liver, pancres and spleen
looked edg/ultrasound thing. Since May 09 I have had trouble with right upper quadrent pain.
That along with vomiting nausea and headaches...for a long time..In 08 I had BC so I do still think about the possibility of me having mets.I also still have tremendous bone and or muscle pain. I am glad to still be here and
have been trying to remain positive and keep stress down.  my new saying is keep on keeping on

cyst on liver

Sep 10, 2009 - 0 comments

I have been not feeling well lately and on September 1st I went into the drs here with very sever vomiting headache and still the on going rib-upper back along the spine area pain. Was given an injection for the nausea and an injection (demeral type) for the pain alao was given oxycodone for pain at home. On the 3rd went back in for a contrast ct scan and the dr called on Tues evening and told me that I do have a cyst on my liver... Most cysts are not supposed to be painful but this one sure has been producing sever pain like a sharp stabbing type pain. I am scheduled to see a surgon  on monday the 14th as that is the 1st day he will be back. I also called  the oncologist yesterday and they called back and said that yes do go to see the surgon 1st and have him evaluate the situation and go from there. The nurse there was concerned about the pain issues and said that if i have worsening pain to get some meds to control it.  At least now I do have an expalination for the pain and help is on the way. I really do not belive this is anything other then maybe a complication from the Gallbadder removal in May????  Has anyone here had a simular thing happen after a primary cancer like Breast Cancer?? and how was it delt with in your case??? thanks for in put and or encouragement as i need that now....

oral surgery and health

Aug 21, 2009 - 0 comments

On the 17th I had 15 teeth pulled and now have a set of dentures. In 1981 I was in an auto accident in which my four top front teeth were knocked out and had to be pulled also at that time my 4 bottom front teeth were dammaged but left in. For over 25 years I had gotten by with a partial plate but having it in caused problems with my other back molars. I am now healing I had a mortons neurmoa on the bottom of my right foot and was having problems with my ribs aching and hurting and not wanting to heal from a fracture. Now things are healing and I barely can tell I have the Neumoa and the rib area is feeling much better too...
I am glad that we can now have an edge on fighting cancer with our body being so connected in everything.  I am glad too that the Neuclear bone scan showed NED. So now just healing from the oral surgery !!!! take care sharlene