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sometimes it makes you wonder.....

Oct 30, 2008 - 0 comments

Yesterday was a long day. Left home at 5:45 ate  breakfast at sonic. Went to see the drematologist at 8:30 am where i was treated for what is called a Seborrheic Keratoses which was on my neck.The dematologist said it was begine. It was sprayed with liquid nitrogen to freeze it. Then went to chemo where i had labs and then met with the dr. He told me that we were to schedule a meeting with the radiologist (Sp) as at the same clinic they had radation too.... Is it standard procedure to be seen by a radiologist after chemo? I remember that the surgon who we consulted with who did the mastectomy said (in a quick statement) that I was to have both chemo and radation.... after the surgery. Hubby was there too and heard that quick statement. We are set up to meet with the radilogist on the 20th of this month so will find out more then....
Chemo was delayed for about an hour as there was som problem in the lab with getting some of them processed. Our son and my friend went with me to chemo and they were nice enough to get me a nice fish sandwhich from Fudruckers. Chemo went well i slept a lot because they gave me benidryl (makes me tired) . In a few days my legs will be achey with some muscle cramps.
        Sometimes you wonder why it seems like they (the DRs)  don't want you to have a bigger picture of whats really going on. Kind of like putting  a jigsaw puzzle togeather??


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1st taxol chemo

Oct 15, 2008 - 0 comments

With this 1st chemo of just the Taxol I recived a does of benedryl so was given a room with a bed in it as it took longer to get the chemo and I was pretty dopey and tired so slept a bit as i was getting chemo... I am going to see if Angela will bring me for my next time which is the 30th of this month.... Back still hurts and legs ache too as in flue like symptoms on the weekend after chemo..  

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daughter took me to chemo

Oct 01, 2008 - 0 comments

My daughter Angela took me to my chemo this time. This was the last time I had shorter chemo time 2 hours scheduled. The last of the a and c routine chemo too will get Taxol the next time ...
Back still bothered so we had a MRI done and found out it was a disk that is swelled and causing the nerves to be painful as in a pinched nerve so that explains the pain in that area .... of the lower back taking oxycodone for the pain still

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went to theraphy for lymphedemia

Sep 11, 2008 - 0 comments

I went to my gp on the 10th of sept and when I told her I was having trouble with swelling and pain undermy right arm she got me an appiontmet with Korine Carpenter a Certified lympdemia specialist. I was measuered for swelling and then got a compression garment to wear (sleeve and glove) and was shown how to do a massage on my arm to get the lympatic fluids to move through my system...

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