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New journey has begun!

Mar 24, 2011 - 2 comments


My MaKayla aka Tinka is now 18 months!! Where does the time go??? She is doing very well, she can identify her ABC's, loves to "read" and "write", her favorite shape is a circle (she walks around saying "circle, circle") and is a fashionista in the making!! I love her sooo much and I think that she will be a great big sister!!

So with that being said/typed,  my DH and I have decided to expand our clan. Starting all over RE, new beginnings. I am both nervous and excited. I had my first U/S with my new RE (I like him, very smart man) on yesterday, saline U/S and my tubes are great, but we ran into a little concern. I have scarring on my uterine lining from my miscarriage in 2008. After a long discussion with my husband, we decided to proceed with the first (and hopefully last) cycle. We feel that we will take the chance of getting pregnant again since we were successful in getting pregnant after  after the miscarriage. So now I am waiting on a call from the nurse to see what meds I will be taking, and waiting for AF to arrive in April. I pray that this cycle will be stress-free!!

Not gong home just yet...a bit of a scare...

Aug 30, 2009 - 9 comments

Hey Ladies! Greetings from my hospital bed! I was supposed to go home today, but that will not be happening...Yesterday the docs came in because my blood pressure was still a little elevated. So they did a blood draw and found that my hemoglobin was down from 10 to I had to have a BLOOD TRANSFUSION!! Talk about scary..I ended up getting two pints of blood and a ct scan to check for internal bleeding...I also had to have an ultrasound. But all glory be to God, I am doing okay and everything is normal again. MaKayla will get to see her beautiful nursery tomorrow!!

My Precious Angel has arrived!!

Aug 28, 2009 - 24 comments






On Tuesday, I had my normal prenatal appointment. All was well until they took my BP. It was elevated. So they took it again and again it was elevated (can't remember the exact number)..I was then sent in for bloodwork and told to do a 24 hour urine collection and thento go home. I was also told to call the doc if I started to have headaches, vision changes, swelling, I went home. On Wednesday, I woke up nauseaous and with a headache...When I got to work, I starte seeng black spots and the headsche would not let up so I called my doc and they sent me into the OB Triage. On the way there, I begin to have contractions seven minutes apart..when I reached the OB Triage and my BP was taken it was 153/108(or very near that number)! ! After monitoring me for about two hours, I was admitted and told that I was going to be induced. I was put in a room and the cirvedel (sp?) was given at this point I was still 1cm...they checked me again after 12 hours and I was 2cm..I was checked again after 2 hours and I was back to 1cm! YIKES!! The contractions were 5 minutes but my waters hadn't broken and I was still onaly at 2cm. Around 12pm I was checked again and I finally progressed to 4cm. The doc broke my wter bag and I was given my epidural...everything was great and then my baby's heartrate would skyrocket with each contraction and then correct itself...then it would drop too low so doc said "we have worked too hard and waited too long to have this baby, I am scheduling a c-section for 1pm"...I was in tears by then...but I wanted what was best for my baby. After that, everything happened so fast. I was taken to OR and prepped, Michael was led in and the incision little one was born at 1:30pm on the dot. She weighed 5lbs 15oz and was 18 inches long!!!! She's a little peanut with a lot of spunk and I love her soooo much already! She is very healthy and I cannot wait to take her home!!!  

At the hospital being induced!!!

Aug 26, 2009 - 21 comments


Just wanted to let you all know that I am in L&D! Yesterday I went for my prenatal visit and my BP was elevated...I was sent for blood work and told to go home and if my headache returned or I begun to have vision issues to call the doc. Well this morning, I was having really bad headaches and start seeing black spots so I called my doc and was told to go into OB triage. When I arrived, my BP was 150/108 so I was told that I was being admitted and induced...I have downgraded to a 1/2 cm :-( so I was given Citradel (sp?) to ripen my cervix and will be checked again at 5am...if there is no progress, I will be given pitocin...sooooo hopefully by this time tomorrow I will officially be a mommy!! Pray for me ladies...I am nervous!