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Doctor's Appointment - 08/18/09

Aug 18, 2009 - 4 comments

Had my 37 week appointment. All was well with MaKayla. She weighs approx 6lb2oz, but doc says she could be a little bigger. She has also turned a little bit, she is still face down, but now she sits sideways...which is why I have terrible side and back pain!! We need her to go face down, so I have been talking to her (LOL)...I have not dilated anymore, still sitting at 1cm. :-(  My weight remained the same and my blood pressure is normal. All we are waiting on now is for little missy to make her appearance! My next appointment is 08/21, NST

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Doctor's appointment - 08/11/09

Aug 11, 2009 - 1 comments

Had my 36 week appt today. Makayla is doing great, measuring around 6lbs. I gained 3lbs since last BP wasnormal, her heartrate is great. NST was perfet...

Had a little scare...I went in for the urine sample and heard a plunk sound..looked in the cup and there was a bit of my mucus plug and some blood! I nearly dropped the cup! LOL...I am sill just 1cm, but BH have picked up...I am getting so nervous! My back has been aching like crazy!

I go back on Friday....

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Doctor's appointment - 08/06/09

Aug 06, 2009 - 1 comments

Had my 35 week appointment today. Overll the appointment was pretty good and uneventful. I am now dialated 1cm. My MaKayla is doing great. She weighs 5lbs 8oz and her heartbeat is still within normal range. I also had the GBT(?) test today.  NST went well. MaKayla cooperated and gave the nurse the best reading she has had from any patient in a long time!! GOLD STAR FOR MAKAYLA!! LOL

Next appointment 08/11.

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Doctor's appointment - 07/27/09

Jul 27, 2009 - 1 comments

Had my 34 week appointment today. MaKayla is doing great. She now weighs 4lbs 14oz, heartbeat was 150 and she is measuring perfect!! On the downside I have lost two pounds. Doctor wasn't very concerned since the baby is growing okay. NST was pretty uneventful. She was bouncing around again like mad and movng away from the monitor. But we finally got a clear reading. My next appointment  is on Thursday...just an  NST. Next prenatl visit next thursday.

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