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Princess Ro

May 20, 2008 - 2 comments



trying heroin


Family Homicide





I lost all my friends. I hate my family because they don't approve of my addiction and get on my back about it. I sit on the couch day and night and sleep only in opiated nods. I'm up to 20 a day. I received a $240,000 car accident settlement and wasted it all on Hydrocodone ,QVC and HSN. My apartment is so cluttered with all the stupid stuff I bought that I can hardly move in it. I have just a space for my *** on the couch; that's it. I was fired from a good job with 17 years vested and just 3 years away from retirement because of excessive lateness. No one ever calls me. I talk to myself. All because of Hydrocodone!

Anyone out there give a sh*t?

Home: 718-547-6173 and Cell:347-563-5586 (most likely)