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Worried to tears about you...

May 21, 2013 - 0 comments

I am writing today bc I am worried to death about my 12 yr old son. He has been in my mothers care for the last 6yrs and is acting out a lot. He has been kicked off the bus for being mean to other kids, he tripped my mom and made her fall of the top bunk of his bed when she was there talking to him. He has no respect for anyone, and he is mean physically to his brother and sister.. He is in therapy for ADHD and other things, and his therapist is wanting to send him to some type of inpatient treatment or boys home but I dont know about sending him off.. I try to be there and spend more time with them, him especially, but she only alows me to see them from non to 6 on Sunday and it is hard to spend one on one time with him to talk about whats going on with him when I have such a short amount of time and two other kids to play with also. I dont know what to do.. I have relapsed and am stuck, dont know where to turn and I dont want to give up. i am considering inpatient treatment for 30 days but then I wont know whats going on with him.

Just Another Day!

May 09, 2013 - 0 comments

Well I havent been on here to much, as I have been sick for a while in and out of the ER, and the Drs office.. I also go to treatment.. Supposed to be there 5 days a week but I have been slipping on that... I have so much I have to have done in a short amount of time and I seem to be slipping here and there with a lot of things here lately. I had 17 days with out use, and then a relapse! Recovery is hard as **** and my living enviroment that I am unable to change at the time, is a lot to be desired, and is surely not any help to me at all, more of an enanbling situation here and I fight like hell everyday to avoid it but its there day in and day out! I am sad but there were choices I had to make to be where I am right now and I guess I just ahve to keep doing the extra work! Anxiety wise today was a good day! I have fel good I am making dinner and I did all the laundry so I wasnt sitting home doing nothing all day thank God!

Some Days....

Apr 25, 2013 - 0 comments

Recovery Tools

Well this is my 2nd time using this thing, and it seems to help me out a little bit so I figured I would use it again, see if maybe it would help me out more!! So here I am! I am a recovery meth, and marihuana addict.. I stopped using meth over a yr ago but I am having a harder time quitting smoking.. I am in a wonderful treatment program, and I have changed all my stuff..  I moved out of state and came here to get a way from it all and be with family, but theres the problem... They smoke to and I am in there house and I have no say so even if I am not in the same room it is there and I can smell it and it maikes me crave the hell out of it. I know my only choice is to quit smokin but I need more auuport. My Significant Other is very supportive but it is the living situation that I dont have any option to change right now. HELP.. I dont know what I can do to occupy my time to ovr come the urge! I am struggling and this little girl sdoesnt like to be defeated! Any suggetons would be great!

Ok.. This is new to me..

Apr 23, 2013 - 0 comments

Hi! I am so new to this so please excuse me if I ramble on.. lol.. I am not god at this but I am here trying something new, and trying to make lifestyle changes that will beefit me in the long run! I am a 29 yr old mother of 3 whose life is in chaos! I am not sure where to go, what direction to turn. I am a convicted felon, no thanks to my super ability to make stupid choices before thinkin them through, I am also a recovering drug addict. I have been off of meth for over a year now, and I am workin on kicking the pot too.. Its so frustrationg. I swear it was easier for me to quit the hard ****.. WOw..