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Hysterectomy Oct 26- Started Period Friday Night Here comes major pain

Oct 25, 2009 - 0 comments

period pain

Okay thought i was done with having periods which flares the Lyme. I have hysterectomy scheduled for tomm morning. Started period Friday night and on a scale of 1-10 pain is at 10. Everthing hurts my joints my back my neck my stomach. I am scared to death of hysterectomy but cant wait to be better.

Neck and back Muscle restriction Er Visit

Oct 25, 2009 - 0 comments

Muscle Restriction

Today is Oct 25
Last Sunday I had to go to Er. After 3 days of muscle restriction i couldnt take it anymore. I had to hold my head to shoulder and lift right leg to help with the stretching and pain. It felt like my muscles where going to snap. Pain meds orally did nothing. I went to er and said look i want to know what is goin gon. If this attacks my other side i wont be able to walk. They took my urine and gave me a shot of some narcotic. I instantly was ablt to release my head and neck. My neck would move without pain. I was so happy to get relief till the Dr came in and said we see no reason for you to be in so much pain. From my urine you found nothing well lety me tell you sounds like they didnt believe me and didnt want to find an answer. I aske dif there was a muscle dr i could go to to see what was wrong with my muscles. Is it Lyme attacvking them or something else. I even told the Dr when i got there look i have prescription for Percocet and they are not helping i am not here for pain meds i am scared and this pain is horrendous i wanna know whats wrong. So basically i got relief while there but was sent home in tears because the pain will be back and i am no closer to knowing what it is. After about a week i took a hot bath and everything in my neck and back popped. Which helped so much. This started in my neck and spread from my fingers to my knee and pain in my right hip was excruciating it felt like a hollow throbbing.


Sep 24, 2009 - 0 comments

Yesterday morning after being awake 3 days with only 3 hrs sleep day before. I noticed my tongue was swollen and hurt bad. Food tasted different. At lunch time i felt so out of it and sick. I ate a tuna sandwich and felt great for a couple hours. All tongue symptoms went away.

Food Diary

What is Wrong With Me Neck, Back, Muscle, and Joint Pain

Aug 07, 2008 - 1 comments

I can't take this pain much more. I am 31 years old 5'9. My neck and back hurt all the time. My back and neck are always tight never relaxing. I have knots throughout back and neck that have to be rubbed out just to get some temporary relief popping back. My muscles throb. It feels like bone on bone. For the last two weeks my shoulder blades throb and feel like they are rubbing together. The muscles in my butt are tight and hurt. My calfs and feet have knots and tightness to but not as noticable until touched. I ache all over. I have to pop my knuckes and rub my hands or they knot up. The best relief I get is when my 6'4 -320lb boyfriend rubs and kneads real hard on my back, butt, legs, and by the time he gets to my calfs I can feel tingling numbness. Then he rubs my feet. OMG it feels like he rubs everyhting out my feet. Then the pain comes back hour later. Let me say Florida has the worst Medicaid in the world, they make it impossible to do anything. I just got good insurance and went to back dr. They took x-rays and he said. He saw disk degenration and some arthritis. He said I asked if my joints swelled up. They are swollen on the inside but not outside. I am skinny so why wouldnt they be swollen on the outside with the way it feels inside. I can't sleep at night because I am hurting and my back won't let up till I finally fall asleep at 5am- Then I can't wake up till noon. I have been on the same amount of pain meds for years. I take 15 mg of Percocet and 2 Aleve 4 times a day. I dont want to switch to something higher but feel like I dont have a choice. I am going to start Physical Therapy again but that only provides relief while I am there. When I wake up in the morning I can hardly move. I feel like an 80 yr old woman in a 31 year old body. My Mom has Fibromyalgia, Lupus, which is now affecting her lungs, Bipolar- Which I was diagnosed with but have been off all meds for 1 month and feel better without it right now. And some form of Arthritis. She takes no pain meds like me- So that makes me think whatever is wrong with my back is more serious. I have an appt with a neurologist next week. Oh and my eyes always have gooey stuff in them- which blocks my sight. I dont know if this could be related to anything but it is annoying everyday. I have to take a cutip and long, long things of clear goo. My quality of life *****- I have had to make my own way. I can't have a normal job because my body won't allow me to. I am very active but don't leave my house much. I do everything from home. I work 6 to 12 hours a day, depending on when I just have to lay down and turn heating pad on high- Oh and this will burn you have done before on accident. I didnt notice how hot it was because pain in back. I have been doing less and less the past 2 weeks and I need to be busy all the time- I say go Body says No it *****