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im at my end

Jun 19, 2008 - 1 comments

Today i am at my point of no return for the last day or two i have been feeling better ( i thought) i had a few pills that were given to me that helped incredable now today that i am out my pain is worse then even. im sweating so bad from the pain and not even getting in the tub is helping. I tried to get in with a old docter of mine that i had seen 4 years ago for my back but now that office isnt taking new pactiants, sorry about the spelling. i just really dont know what to do anymore. i dont have the funds to go to all these docters that dont help me or even belive me. and i cant get my docter to sign the papers puting me on temp disablty. im just misable and the people on this sight know what i am going through i am greatful for that i just wish a docter would hlp. now the docter that i was going to wont even fill my tramadal so lord knows what is going to happen now.


Jun 17, 2008 - 2 comments

Well i want to thank you all for taking the time to try and help me. Today wasn,t really bad for me i guess i think that i am getting more and more used to the pain. ( i guess lol). Besides the fact of trying to take care of myself im trying to take care of my husband he has sciatica and i guess i can just handle pain more then him so i made him a bath and warshed cause i always try to put him before me. but i guess u also have to think a women has to have more of a pain tolorance if we can have children lol. i hope all of you are well, now its time to lay in bed and be awake all night after i give the hubby a back massage so he can sleep. goodnight all and god bless you


would someone please believe me

Jun 17, 2008 - 2 comments

im on here cause i have alot of health problems and it seems as if no one believes how much pain im in and they dont want to hlp. for one i have endometrosis i think that is how u spell it sorry. but the pain from that expecially when it is that time of the month is horriable to the point i cant move and i dont know what to do about it and the docters that i go to dont seem to want to help or give me something for pain that really works they have me on tramadal and it doesnt work at all. i dont have insurance and i cant keep paying for docters that wont help me. the other thing that is wrong i have 3 slipped discs in my back and pinched nerves and one craked disc with all that combine i am misable and i dont know what to do and cant find anyone to help me. with all that going on i have really bad migranes. could someone please help me if anyone knows how to relive the pain at all. thank you