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very strange, blood clot possibly??

Jun 29, 2009 - 1 comments

WEll today I got up,  I had a kinda ****** sleep fell asleep around 10 by accident,  then woke up a few times before 8. Anyway,  i felt weird when i woke up and I've been off my bc pills for 2 weeks straight, so i thought it was just that,  anyway aftersome bowls I got up and cooked breakfast over a hot grill,  and i started to feel fatigued and notced my vision was foggy white around the edges and i had trouble focusing on anything, and felt very uneasy.  Then Steveand his bro came upstairs and i distracted myself but still it was there,  and once their food was cooked i could barely see and had to sit down,  i was sweating a cold sweat, my head felt balloony and off balance, and my vision was going white then coming back slowly,   i suddenly thought i had to puke so i went to the bathroom and as i walked there my vision went completely white and i stopped and then it was black, i was looking around but i couldnt see the door or anything and i couldnt say anything I just felt calm almost as this happened, stood holding the wall till it fogged back into white and then i went in, tried to pee or anything,  and i felt worse,went into a body sweat so i splashed cold water on my face and then i felt a bit better and i finally could walk back and sat down,  my blood was pumping and ive never felt that before.  Very scary.  in my birth control info thing it says some of these symptoms could indicate possible blood clot or stroke,  but i had no pain in the arm and i was able to eat, shower and write this right now, i still feel like white/lights are a bit hazed,  and weakish,  but i just dont know...unsure if i should call my dr or not...advice? I smoke heavily and i think i have early stage kidney disease so i'm thinking i should juststay off them.

burning feeling

Jun 27, 2009 - 0 comments

burning in my left kidney today after i drank iced tea. really noticing food triggers and my body more closely lately

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Jun 03, 2009 - 0 comments

been testing my pee I had blood & hemoglobin yesterday today nothing, i thought i was getting my period really early but my dr said if theres blood i may be passing small stones....also a bit of protien & leukocytes dunno if thts normal or not....waiting for resuults of my physical...soo anxious i just want to be healthy.:(

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Apr 20, 2009 - 0 comments

kidney hurts or something i'm in pain

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