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Blood Sugar Takes a Dive

Aug 13, 2008 - 0 comments

Blood Sugar


Gestational diabetes

This is the second morning in a row that I feel like my blood sugar plummeted.  Yesterday I had two poached eggs and some bacon as well as a cup of coffee (I splurged! lol).  I thought I felt light-headed because of the sudden reintroduction of caffeine into my system.

But this morning, after eating a toasted bagel with honey nut cream cheese and a glass of apple juice, I felt that same light-headedness.  This time it was more pronounced because I was standing in line in a hot hallway at my step-son's school.  It felt like my blood sugar had taken a serious dive.  

I don't know if that's what it was ...but it worries me that I could be developing gestational diabetes.  Bleh.  Let's hope that's not it and that it's just my body being weird.

Grow, Baby Ohz!

Remind me...

Jul 25, 2008 - 0 comments






...that Baby Ohz does not like it when I deviate away from the cereal and milk for breakfast!!!

This morning I decided to have the last two waffles, along with a few strawberries on the side, for breakfast.  It was delicious!!  But 20 minutes later, sitting here at the computer drinking some water, I got really nauseous and kinda dizzy feeling!  I didn't throw up, but I did have to go lay down for nearly half an hour.

So, God forbid I try to have something other than a bowl of cereal for breakfast when I get up.  Baby Ohz win this round.

Grow, Baby Ohz!

Never in a million years...

Jul 21, 2008 - 1 comments

...would I be so excited to have gained weight *and* an inch in my waist!  lol  I know the reason for the weight gain was that I actually felt like eating instead of being nauseous all the time.  And all this weekend my tummy was sooooo itchy ...probably because it was growing a little.  Thank the heavens for lotion!  

Grow, Baby Ohz!

Symptoms Tapering Off

Jul 18, 2008 - 0 comments

pregnancy symptoms


second trimester



On one hand, I'm very excited that the 24/7 nausea and the fatigue and the constipation have tapered off or pretty much vanished.  I definitely enjoy getting up just after my husband goes off to work at 8 am instead of sleeping in bed till 11!  It's nice not to feel so utterly exhausted in the morning.

But, on the other hand, despite the second trimester being known for its lull in symptoms, I'm scared to death this lull is because my hormones are gone because I've lost the baby ... like last time.  At 12 weeks with my first pregnancy, I had been feeling much like I do now at 15 weeks in this pregnancy.  However, that pregnancy did not have the same severity of symptoms that this one did.

So I just try to reassure myself that everything is okay in there and my little darling is growing strong!

Grow, Baby Ohz!