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7-3-10 Health Update

Jul 03, 2010 - 2 comments

I saw the PCP yesterday for the swelling in my feet and what looked like a rash on my legs.  She was more interested in getting caught up on my recent hospitalization at first.  I thought that she was going to foo foo my swelling, which is constant day and night, but she didn't.  

I was worried that the the swelling might be from the ampyra which I started last week. It is working pretty well and I'd hate for this to be a reason to have to discontinue it.  Instead, she thinks it is because of the gabapentin.  She ordered some blood work to make sure my kidneys and liver are not the culprit and if that comes out ok, then we will start a diuretic.  She gave me a script for Lasix but said to hold off until she gets the lab results on Tuesday.  

I feel so bloated, like being on steroids.  She said that this is common.  She also said the rash was not a rash at all, but instead a result of the swelling between the tissue.  Whatever, it is a becoming painful.  

I have tried elevating my legs. Didn't work. I tried wearing compression stockings, which works as long as you keep them on 24/7, but the swelling comes back as soon as I take them off.  I thought that the swelling would be better when I have been laying down all night, but it is still there in the morning when I get up.  Hopefully we will figure this out because I am tired of it.  It is hampering my walking too.  

On 7/9 I am going for a second sleep study. It will be a split-night study this time.  The last one in Sep 08 had borderline mild/moderate results.  We didn't do anything for it other than my trying to lose some weight.  Since then things have gotten much worse, so the doctor ordered another one.  I think that the apnea got worse when I started taking zanaflex.  I am wondering if I should take the med that night to see how the results would come out compared to last time when I wasn't on that medication.  I need to call ahead and ask.

Otherwise, things are ok.  I am sad that Sarah will be leaving tomorrow. She is getting my house cleaned, laundry done, and everything we can think of that will be difficult for me to do on my own.  She has been a real sweetheart to come and stay for over a month helping me.  I loved having her around too.  I can't imagine how hard it will be to not have her here.  I already miss her.

But, its time for me to get my life back to a routine and do things for myself.  I've always been an independent person and I'll get that back, at least as much as I can.  I'm not giving up nor giving in to this MSerable disease..

Monday - Going back to work and a little anxious

Jun 11, 2010 - 5 comments

I am returning to work Monday.  It has been nearly 2 months since I have been out off work due to an infection that then turned into a relapse and an unexpected surgery.  I'm returning part-time the first week and if all goes well, I'll be back full-time the next week.  I will be coming back using a walker and that will probably cause a bit of unwanted attention.

My doctor in the rebab unit wrote the medical release to return to work letter.  She discussed with my neuro and they both came up with the following accommodations:

1. Return to work part-time the first wee and full-time thereafter if tolerated.
2. Recommending working from home 2-3 days a week due to commute that will likely cause significant physical fatigue.
3. Fully accessable facilities (bathroom, workspace, entry to building) for a wheelchair or other assistive device.
4. No lifting of more than 20 pounds.
5. No long distance walking without the ability to take frequent rests.  

I have no idea why she put in 4 and 5.  She could have just as well added "no ditch digging".  :)

They want me to take my wheelchair.  I am so determined to minimize all this as I feel I can get by with the walker and be careful.  My PT has put in her notes that I am not to walk anywhere alone.  Yikes, I don't want to have to take someone to the bathroom with me. I am so glad they didn't put that in the letter.  

My boss want this letter in hand when I walk in the door.  That was stated very clearly to me.  I am not sure how they will take the recommendation that I work from home 2-3 days a wekk, but the reason that was that summer is just around the corner and I have pretty significant heat intolerance.  Getting to work on public transportation or even waiting on paratransit will cause heat fatigue.  We'll see how it goes.  

I am ready to get back to work, but not sure how I'll be received by my co-workers after being off so long  Well, I will soon find out.  Monday is only a few days away.  Got my fingers crossed all will go seamlessly.

Brief Health Update - 4/17/10

Apr 17, 2010 - 0 comments

For tracking purposes only:

Meds right now;

IV Clindamycin - 4 day treatment. Started 4/15
Prednisone - 40 mg for 5 days, 20 mg 5 days.  Started 4/12
Nexium - 40mg 2x day

Having lots of heartburn and nausea and some insomnia, most likely from steroids.

Still coughing up greenish/blood tinged mucuous but getting better.

Glands still slightly swollen on the right side of neck.

Had 2 episodes of throwing up this week. Last week at the doctor's office in the waiting room and then again yesterday just before starting to eat my dinner.  My face actually swelled up a little after yesterday's incident.

Overall, feel weak and like my body is still trying to fight off this infection.  I can't believe it is dragging on this long.

Medical Appointments this week:

Monday will see PCP to check on recovery from the infection and IV treatment at 9:45.  Still waiting to hear from neuro for a time to come see doc about my MRI results and possible change in DMD.

OK, keeping this brief.

Update - Pancreatitis - see last entry

Jan 04, 2010 - 14 comments

I had to stay home sick today as I did not get any sleep last night because of stomach pain and nausea.  I am also having fatigue that is so overwhelming and comes on so quickly that I feel compelled to stop whatever I am doing and go lay down.  That is very strange as that never happens to me. So I called my PCP to tell her what was going on. She asked a few questions and then asked about any neww meds I'm taking right now and I told her the only new drug is Cymbalta, which is helping me tremendously.  She wants me to come in tomorrow for a quick exam and some blood work.

This is kind of a step backwards as I have been feeling so good lately.  But I knew something wasn't right when I started having nausea last Saturday and stomach pain that is going into my back for no apparent good reason.  It started of as no big deal and is getting worse.  If I sit up I feel better, but as soon as I lay down, the pain is excruciating.  I feel like throwing up and am weak and terribly fatigued.  Feels like the flu but I don't have a fever, chills or diarreah. Thankfully I still have some antinausea medicine that they gave me last year after my blood patch and it is helping a lot. Only problem is that it makes me sleepy.  I hope tonight is a better night as I don't like taking off work especialy right now when everything is starting to gear up again after the holidays.  

I'll see what my doctor thinks may be going on in the morning.  Hope it's no big deal.