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Lyrica has helped me so so so much!

Jun 21, 2013 - 0 comments





Back pain







Hello everyone,

I do not normally post anything on the internet and only just signed up to this site so i can tell my story about taking Lyrica (Pregalabin). Let me just give you a quick run down on what sort of problems have plagued me for years. To start off with i have what i would call moderate GAD and Social Anxiety which i have lived with since about the age of 18, i have never seeked out medication for this disorder and i have never even spoken to a doctor about it. The second problem of mine is that i always seem to have indigestion and nausea - to the point where i am always sick and miss alot of work ect. My third problem is my back pain, i have never had any back injuries but have had bad posture since i was young due to LOTS of computer game playing. So those are my 3 things that cause me problems in my life.

The first time i ever took Lyrica i had 300mg as it was given to me by a colleague to see if it helped with my back pain - it gave me so much pain relief after only about an hour but i did experiance the dizziness and blurred vision.
What i noticed however was that my nausea had dissapeared, this made me so happy as feeling sick all the time was really starting to take a toll on my daily life. The next thing i noticed was how open and talkative i was with people - i am normally a VERY quiet person who does not tell anyone anything about how i am feeling or how my day went ect - all of a sudden i could talk to anyone and tell them anything! I could carry on conversations with strangers which i have NEVER been able to do.

So i did some reasearch on Lyrica and found that it does in fact help people in Europe with GAD and Social Anxiety. What i did find strange is that no-one else seems to have been cured from there Nausea/Indegestion with Lyrica, but let me tell you i am now 4 months into taking it and for the first time in years i have not been sick that WHOLE time - that is a REALLY good thing for me and nothing except Lyrica has given me so much relief.

All in all i have never been happier/healther my whole life since taking this wonder drug, i know alot of people have had some bad experiances on Lyrica but i wanted to post something positive as it really has changed my life.