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Labor Story

Mar 06, 2009 - 0 comments

Ok ladies. I know several of you are interested in hearing people's experiences in labor and I am definitely a good one! I won't tell you too many negative things...because honestly I think I am pretty darn lucky!

Anyways, I went in Wednesday the 4th at 8 pm to get the cervidale to thin out my cervix. I was STILL totally closed up when I went in and the checked me!! So they put it in and they let it stew for about 6 hours. They woke me up and checked me and was like "ok you are 50% effaced and dialated to a 1" I wasn't too optimistic since that didn't seem like much to me...but they started the pitocin for inducing me around 6 am. Then around 8 am my dr came in and checked me and was like "you are still a 1!" AHHH! So she broke my water to see if that helped. That was incredibly painful but once it was over it was lingering pain...and let me tell you that was a gusher! haha

So my nurse offers me my epidural and I am still a 1! I was like "Isn't that early??" but they do them whenever you want them apparently. I told her I would hold off until a little longer.Then like 20 minutes later I started to feel the contractions that I at first could only see and not feel...I wanted my epidural right then! haha Unfortunately the anestesiologist was in surgery right then so I had to suffer for about 30 minutes of contractions..not HUGE contractions but OMG it was enought to make me sooo sure all you ladies who go without epidurals are superheros! No thank you! The dr came in and gave me my epidural and things were soooo much better.

The epidural itself wasn't TOO stung like nothing else I have ever experienced but in comparison to the contraction pains it was definitely worth it. That too was also over pretty quick. No residual pain. The needle isn't that bad...but just do yourself a favor and try not to look at it until it is over. Once that was administered life was GREAT! haha. It felt like when you go to the dentist and they totally numb up one side of your face...that fat puffy tingly feeling...but from your waist down. It was nice...especially when the really really strong contractions came in. I get my epidural around 9:30 ish. My nurse comes in to check me and see if I have made any progress around 10:30. I am a 4 1/2! Woo hoo! She is like "oh that is good!" and leaves. Then around 11:30 she comes back and the is like "OMG I have to call the dr right are a 9 1/2!"  So she calls the dr and apparently the dr tells her to start without her and she will get there in time for the actual delivery (which apparently is very common place for the L&D nurse to do most of the telling you to push etc) So at 12 we start to push.

(Side note... I totally recommend asking for a mirror. They brought in a standing mirror and placed it where I could see it while I pushed. It was AMAZING and it really really helped me through the labor. I think I owe my fast labor to the mirror to be honest!)

Anyways, at 12 I start to push during my contractions. I use the mirror to help me. After about only 15 minutes of pushing the nurse is like "OMG you are so about to have this baby!" she had just got done telling me I would probably push for 2 hours...they call the dr and are like "Umm hurry please she is crowning and one good push this baby is here" so we literally sit there for 5 minutes while we wait on the dr to get into the room. I can SEE my baby's full head of hair. haha. So the dr comes and I push for like 10 minutes tops (probably less) and then out pops this head! haha Then her shoulders come.  That honestly was the most painful part...the shoulders. It felt like they were caught on my bones...but somehow she came out. All 9 lbs 2 oz and 22 inches of her! haha

My dr was totally not thinking Blake was coming out vaginally. Even earlier that day she was just kinda like "hmm we will see how things progress" but you could tell she really was trying to tell me "don't hold your breath..I have you pegged as a c-section". Then Blake came sooo fast and she was in my arms! I had a slight tear  but it isn't that big of a deal. You don't feel it (if you have your epidural) and it is worth it.

It is very very weird feeling after your baby is out of you. Your stomach feels sooo heavy and out of place...and your organs are super heavy and you walk around feeling a little hollow...but they tell me that gets better when everything starts to shrink down and go back in place.

Anyways, that is my story! I know it might be helpful to some and to others maybe not...but I really think as long as you have a good attitude and know that no matter what you are getting the most precious gift EVER whether things rip or tear or get cut out of ya you will be ok! Good luck ladies!

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Weight Gain Galore!

Feb 10, 2009 - 1 comments

Omg...I have gained so much weight in this final trimester. It is so funny because it is all in my belly...I really don't have it in my face and I don't have swelling too much anywhere else...I am hoping that this is easy to lose. I WILL lose it...I just hope it is easy.. :(

Had Group B Strep Test. Waiting on results.

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Due Date Change!

Oct 10, 2008 - 0 comments

The due date has changed! I am now due March 1st!! Our baby girl has just been growing up a storm and they think that she was conceived earlier than they originally thought. Fine with me! That just brings me closer to holding my baby in my arms!

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Dr. Appt

Sep 30, 2008 - 1 comments

Today I had another Dr. appt. It was pretty uneventful...listened to baby's heartbeat though! 155! We scheduled the anatomy scan to see the size of her heart and brain etc. I am sure they will tell me that I am having a girl...haha. I didn't tell my dr that I already had a sonographer find out the sex for me. I figure I will let her do it too. :)

Today has been a super bad morning sickness day. It was very reminiscent of last month..I am ready for this to be OVER. No more sickness!!

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