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Physical fitness

Jul 28, 2008 - 0 comments

1.  When intensity levels are too high and oxygen is not being delivered to the muscles at a fast enough rate during exercise, the anaerobic systems kicks in.  What observable physical sign would indicate this has occurred?
> a.  Coughing
> b.  Hyperventilation
> c.  Fatigue
> d.  Cyanosis
> 2.  One of your participants states she experienced some general muscle soreness after her last workout.  Which of the following statements should you make?
> a.  "Right after class, go home and take a hot bath."
> b.  "Make sure you get rest between workouts and increase intensity gradually (no more that 10% per week)."
> c.  Exercise at the higher end of you target heart rate"
> d.  Begine your workout with conditioning exercises and then do your aerobics."
> 3.  The stretch reflex is:
> a.  Best obtained after the muscles are warmed up.
> b.  A natural occurrence as the result of an intense workout.
> c.  The body's automatic protecitve mechanism against injury.
> d.  The desired result from performing static stretches.
> 4.  The pupose of a cool down in to:
> A.  Allow time for participants to increase their range of motion.
> B.  Give the instructor time to observe participants for overexertion.
> C.  Increase the effectiveness of static stretches.
> D.  Prevent light-headedness and fainting
> a.  A only
> b.  A, B, and D
> c.  A and D
> d.  B, C, and D
> 5.  Static stretching is onsidered both safe and effective because:
> A.  It requires little energy expenditure
> B.  It allows adequate time to reset the sensitivity of the stretch reflex.
> C.  It allows stretching beyone one's active range of motion
> D.  It incorporates the contract-relax technique
> a.  all of the above
> b.  A, B, C,
> c. A and B
> d.  B and D
> *this one is tricky,  think about Range of Motion for health fitness rather than sports fitness*
> 6.  An example of an isotonic muscle contraction would be:
> a.  Bicep curl using a 10 pound dumbbell.
> b.  Toe touch in seated position.
> c.  Pushing hands together in prayer position
> d.  Shoulder shrug against partner's resistance
> 7.  Performing gluteal exercise involves which type of movement?
> a.  Adduction of the femur
> b.  Extension of the knee.
> c.  Flexion of the hip.
> d.  Extension of the hip
> 8.  The most important feature of a shoe to be used in group fitness classes is:
> a.  Lateral support
> b.  Shock absorption
> c.  Tight heel counter.
> d.  Snug toe box
> 9.  One of your class aprticipants asked you for advice about the type of class her mother, who has arthritis, should take.  You recommend a class taht includes which of the following?
> A.  The use of light wrist and ankle weights
> B.  A longer warm up and cool down
> c.  A low intensity, low-impact style class
> D.  Aquatic style classes
> a.  A, B, C
> b.  B, C, D
> c.  B, C
> d.  All of the above
> 10.  An exercise program designed for the older adult should include:
> a.  A shorter warm up and longer aerobics segment to increase caolries burned since their metabolisms have slowed down.
> b.  Only conditioning exercises in order to maintain strength for activities of daily living
> c.  A progressive and longer warm up, low impact aerobics and longer period of time for flexibility exercises.
> d.  A longer wamr up and cool down, very low intensity aerobic segment and isometric strengthening exercises only.
> 11.  During the first week of aerobics class, Elizatbeth complained to you that she feels slightly winded and her target heart rate and recovery rate are both a little higher than they should be.  You should advise Elizabeth to:
> a.  lie down and elevate her legs higher than the leve of the heart.
> b.  Train at the lower end of her target range for the first 8-10 weeks and adjust the intensity by exercising less vigorously.>
> c.  Obtain her physician's permission prior to coming back to class
> d.  not to worry, as the pulse rate will get in the proper range for her as she gets in shape.
> 12.  A weight-training program builds muscular endurance and strength.  A jogging program will build cardiorespiratory fitness.  With each program yeilding a different response, this would be an example of:
> a.  Starling's Law
> b.  The principle of overload.
> c.  The principle of frequency.
> d.  The principle of training specificity.
> 13.  Which of he following exercises will place excessive compression on the cervical discs.
> A.  Rapid neck rolls
> B.  Lateral flexion of the neck.
> C.  Lateral rotation of the nick.
> D.  Hyperextension of the neck.
> a.  A and C
> b.  B and D
> c.  A and D
> d.  C and D