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Aug 20, 2008 - 2 comments


August 2003
 Left side of face and head tingling
 mouth drawn with trouble speaking- This lasted about 24 hours

August- November
 Left side of face tingling on and off

 Trouble swallowing- feeling as if food were getting stuck
 Weight loss of 45 pounds ( down to 104 pounds)
 Fatigue- felt as if I could not get out of bed. Trouble caring for children

 Left sides weakness (arm and leg)
 Fatigue- tire very quickly
 Dizziness

 Weakness continues
 Fatigue
 Dizziness
 Left foot drag- starting to trip over nothing
 Balance and coordination off- swaying when standing still and walking
 Left eye blurry- can not read like I could
 Left sided tingling of arm and leg

 Fatigue growing worse- after 2 hours of being up, feeling of no energy
 Dizziness continues
 Hard to remember words- saying the wrong words when talking to people

July 12
 Left leg numbness- can not walk or stand without assistance
 Have to use walker for ambulation- Can not take care of small children, have to have someone to help at all times.
 Peripheral vision of left eye diminished compared to right eye

 Left foot drag- tripping
 Balance off
 Dizziness continues
 Fatigue continues
 Leaking of urine on occasion