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Day by Day

Mar 07, 2009 - 5 comments

As I sit here today, I look back and wonder how I got here and how I am going to get out.  Once blessed with good health, I now struggle everyday with symptoms of pain, fatigue, insomnia, immune system problems, anxiety and depression.  Family and friends try to understand, but some lose interest because as time goes on, things don't seem to change with this illness. People get bored with no change and people don't understand that you can't take a "magic pill" to get simply doesn't work that way.
I lost my job, some friends, and now this illness is slowly robbing me of my relationship with my husband of 10 years. I cannot take anymore losses.  I try to tell myself to think positive and I will get better, but sometimes I break down because it's just too much for one person to deal with everyday. I somehow still manage to pull myself together and keep going.  I keep trying new treatments hoping something will help manage this illness which has many causes.  I am not asking for a cure, just a better quality of life. I try to think about one day at a time and not worry about tomorrow or next week because I just get too overwhelmed.
I am thankful for Medhelp and the people that I have had opportunities to connect with.  The knowledge and relationships I acquired from Medhelp is what continues to offer me hope and understanding.  Each day, I can be faced with a new dilemma, but know I have people to turn to that will put sincere thought into answering my concerns, so thank you.