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pregnancy number 5

Apr 23, 2014 - 0 comments

Well well..  Without going into too much detail, we are pregnant again after losing our baby at 15-16 weeks along three months ago.  It is not confirmed by my on doc yet.  My period is 2 days late.  I tested positive with a Dollar Tree test on Saturday April 19th with a very faint line. Easter Sunday April 20th, again I tested positive using a Clearblue test.  I guess I'm nervous about calling my doctor but I will sometime this week.  I am probably about 4-5 weeks along.


Sep 02, 2013 - 0 comments

Hi to anyone who reads my journals.  It's been awhile since I last updated.  It has been over a month and a half since my IUD removal.  I have tested a few times since then for the fun of it..and they were all negative.  I had been feeling okay for the most part..kind of fatigue-y..and I have noticed my sense of smell has heightened recently..but I think I am imagining it.

Anywho, today I started my period again.  Blah.  It has been quite heavy and clotty so I am sure my system is still trying to flush out all the build up from the last 3 years of being on the Mirena.  Fun.  I am trying to figure out when I am going to ovulate.  My first period started July 30 and lasted for 5 days.  I think I missed when I got the "egg white mucous" that signals ovulation.  I don't know how I missed it because I was very observant, but's a brand new month.  

Good luck to all of you ladies out there TTC.  I will update when I have news.  :)

Waiting Game

Aug 05, 2013 - 1 comments

My period began on July 30th and it ended on Aug 4th.  It lasted for 5 days.  On the 4th day, I was still spotting but it had lightened up a lot.  Now it is a waiting game to see if I become pregnant this month.  Hubby and I went away for the weekend to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.  We had a lot of fun and alone time.  My next journal update probably won't be for a couple of weeks unless I get some good news before then.  I probably will not test until the end of the month or as long as I can wait until it drives me crazy.  Wish us luck!

Day 2- TMI

Jul 31, 2013 - 0 comments


Today I have mild cramping and consistent bright red blood.  I am changing a pad every few hours.  There are also several tiny "clots" if they can even be considered that.  My body is cleansing itself from the 3 year buildup while on the Mirena.  I never got periods on the mirena..only ireegular, occasional spotting.  Thank God for that!  It's just one of the reasons why I love having an IUD.  It's awesome.  

I can now safely begin trying to conceive after my period is over.  It should be over by Saturday if it is a 5 day cycle.  Sunday is mine and my hubby's 1 year wedding anniversary and we are celebrating this weekend- no kids.  To not have sex because of a period would be lame.  :D  Wouldn't it be funny if we conceived on our anniversary date 8-4.  hehe.

I will update again in a few days.