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MS diagnosis * Blood test * Tysabri

Aug 01, 2013 - 0 comments

Multiple Sclerosis


early diagnosis

I had my second steroid IV treatment today and my fiance has said she sees a difference in my balance (not stumbling as much, but still off) and my "right sixth nerve palsy" is getting better, but still doubled.

The Certified Physicians Assistant confirmed that I do in fact have MS. She said there were several lesions on my brain and neck/spine. They showed up on my brain and cspine mri. She said the lesions on my neck/upper spine are the reason why I have such awful balance. The lesions on my brain are responsible for my double/blurry vision.

She assured me that I would be approved by the TOUCH (?) program since I am self-pay, unable to work due to the illness, and have no insurance. I hope she is being up front with me. They seem like really good doctors, very helpful and concerned.

I had a blood test today to check for the JC virus and will have more blood work done tomorrow to check my Vitamin D levels. If I don't have the virus she wants to get me started on Tysabri as soon as i'm approved, as I am running out of funds to pay for all of this.

I love this community and will continue to keep my profile updated. This community has helped me tremendously.

Advice is greatly welcomed!

Timeline: March 2012 - July 2013

Jul 28, 2013 - 1 comments

chiari malformation



March 2012:
Woke up one morning with double vision
*have had 20/20 for my entire life
Severe earache/infection
Mild rash on scalp noticed by fiance
Numbness in arm/hand

April 2012:
Brain MRI with contrast (clear)
Blood test
^no diabetes or high blood pressure
Visit to eye specialist (diagnosed with right 6th nerve palsy)
Numbness increases in arm and hand
Ear pain continues even after 2 bottles of medication (Amoxicillin)

July 2012:
Loss of balance starts
Double vision continues
Hard to focus and concentrate
Mild memory loss
Back and neck pain/lots of pressure
Ear pain continues (inner and back of ear/right ear only)

**** Fall/Winter 2012:
Double vision goes away overnight
Regain balance
Numbness continues
Made the mistake of cancelling appt. with the neurologist because the symptoms went away

March (again) 2013 - first day of Spring:
Mows for the first time, 5 min. in I start stumbling
Pain in the back of head
Severe headaches start

May 2013:
Double vision returns
Balance worsens by the day
Headaches are 24/7 now
Family doctor keeps telling us it's allergies
^prescribed vertigo pills, Amoxicillin, Prednisone and an Anti-inflammatory
^Medication do not help, at all
"Crawling" feeling on scalp
^flea season so I blame it on bugs (no bugs discovered)

June 2013:
Schedule appt. with neurologist
No longer able to go into work (liability due to lack of balance)
Double vision continues
Constantly complaining of headaches and pressure in the back of the skull
Mid-back pain (can't bend over)
Visit ENT: finds nothing, 100% on hearing test, no redness or inflammation in inner ear
Ear pain continues (right side only)
Hiccuping on a daily basis (never before?)

July 2013:
Neurologist looks at MRI from last year for 15 seconds, says he doesn't see anything wrong.
Orders another brain MRI w/ contrast
I beg for C-spine and T-spine MRI, he agrees
Tells us we need a psych test due to memory loss test (stress and lack of sleep)
Tells us we need to see a physical therapist for balance issues (i don't follow through since we don't know what's wrong yet)
Receive 3 MRIs in two days: Brain w/ contrast, C Spine, T Spine