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Fobbed off by GP

Jul 18, 2012 - 0 comments

Lower leg nerve pain


nerve pain


Severe nerve pain after removi


specialist recommenation


nerve pain relieved

It is now becoming the final straw where I have had it with my local GP. Eight years I have been shoved from pillar to post with the pains i suffer with between the knee and ankle in both legs.

No specialist help has been forthcoming, only once when i insisted on a MRI or some other scan to properly diagnose he symptoms. So when I ask for what I know works (OxyNorm - Oxycodone), I get labelled as a drug seeker.

The closest I ever got to a test was an x-ray of both legs, which even the guy running the x-ray told me it was a waste of time and money. Well eight years on and still being ignored. I am sure the cost to the taxpayer after all these years of being fobbed has cost way more than a thorough set of tests and a proper examination by a specialist.

After being see by a no NHS pain specialist (which I has high hopes for) was a shambles. I was prescibed high dose pregabalin, which severly interated with quetiapine, which am still taking. Now three years later, guess what? That's right my GP insists on trying me on pregabalin again alongside Dihydrocodeine which at 7x30mg tabs a day are no longer working unless i take a 3-4 dose, but still in excruciating nerve pain in both my legs.

I would appreciate it if anyone has this type of pain especially in their lower legs and been sucessfully treated, then please share your journey and where you got your help from

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