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Wellness getaway in the hospital ;)

Aug 20, 2014 - 6 comments

We knew that probably I'll have to have a C-section although I was still hoping I can have V-birth - I was attending yoga classes, we went to a special course with the daddy-to-be.... 2 weeks before my doc explained that because of my skin type I fall into that 2% that will most likely rip apart during labour no matter what we do... it does sound scarry and he said he doesn't want to stitch me up for 2 hours after a "challenging" birth... well I must agree with that! Plus this super pale withe skin with these freckles and red hair is the worst combination in this case, I might lose too much blood because my capillaries don't heal as fast as the other 98%'s so that's another risk factor, plus baby Tommy is quite chubby and it would cause further problems too. So slowly I made myself to accept the fact I'll have to have this c-section.
Yesterday I went for my 3rd ctg and they told me it didn't look good. Tommy was either super hyper and moving away from the head all the time - then after a while he fell asleep and his hr started to drop - wasn't critical but the nurse wasn't happy with our results - they sent my for a flowmetry scan. Our results were good but my doc decided to keep a close eye on us - so Tomorrow (aug21) I'll have to move in to the hospital and on Monday or Tuesday I'll have the c-section done - depending on all our results. It's going to be sooooooo boring until Monday.... If possible I'd like to have a shared room so I can have company - I hate hospitals but I know this time I'll be there for a very positive outcome :) I have so much stuff to take in as if I'd go for a 2-3 weeks vacation! :) I'll try to rest, read and watch movies until Monday and then..... :) it's going to be the loooooooooongest 4 days in our lives with DH!

first heartbeat ever

Jan 10, 2014 - 5 comments

Today was one of the hardest and most beautiful day in my life. I went in to the clinic ready for terminate this pregnancy as 2 days before my results weren't too promising. I had a hcg test then a u/s. We were waiting for hours it was soooo busy - and I was scheduled at one of the new scan room with better equipments. The radiologyst found the sac immediatley and first it was just a glimpse, but I saw it - there she was: My Little Pea in the pod!!! Still they said nothing (they weren't too friendly...) then she measured her: 5mm and the pulsing caught my eyes - I couldn't believe it!!! It was soo fast and steady! They didn't measure it but at that point I forgot to ask anything I was in such a positive shock! I was ready for the worst, haven't eaten or drunk anything since last night in case I'll have an op and it was something wonderful and unexpected... first time ever I saw such thing. And this little life is growing inside my womb - unbelievable!!!!! my doctor was happy too but conserned as well, because my hcg levels aren't doubling  as they should. Still rising but not doubling so we have to go through the same again next Wednesday.
Thank you God for this miracle and please keep our baby alive, we've been waiting and fighting for her for 6 years!!!

hopes down - then up

Jan 02, 2014 - 14 comments

So it all started yesterday with tiny traces of blood in my cm only when I wiped - it continued in the morning and because I had a rough night (pain, super bloated, nausea, shivers and visiting bathroom 3-4 times, sleepping approx 2-3hrs) I decided I'll go to the clinic no matter what, better to be safe than sorry.
I went straight to the AR (as we belong there) and I was the 2nd in. Quick scan, doctor said he's seeing a nice gest sac and it's implanted at the best place (forgot to ask where exactly) I was more concerned if the sac is in the uterus and if my cysts are still there. No cysts thanks God. He couldn't explain the pain and twinges and he said not to worry about staining but if it gets stronger or I start having bad cramps I should go back to their ER department immediately. He congartulated me and said, Ok now you'll have to go back to your own doctor - where all my journey started at the clinic. So we went down to his office, he did a manual check up and pap smear. Then he sent me to bloodwork where they took 8 tubes of blood - the nurse was freaking out :D lol. Then I had to go for a u/s where they found the sac measuring 8mms and the beginning of the amnio sac - which wasn't too defined yet but they said it was very early to see anything just yet. By the time I got back to my doc's office I already got the results of some of my blood test. HCG 8486! :) and the rest was good too, but some results will take longer to get. So next week I'll have a check up on Wednesday (08.01.) with a u/s I pray we will see little pea in the pod :) Meanwhile I have to start taking utrogestan just to make sure nothing bad happens.
Thank you God, please keep our baby viable :)

bbs and mild cramps

Dec 29, 2013 - 0 comments

these symptoms are quite "funny". Usually I'm absolutely fine in the morning, then slowly the symptoms start to build up. The dull/mild cramps start around 7pm and last until I fall asleep. Bbs start hurting from 9-10am and gets worse until I go to bed. Weird isn't it?