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Hospital visit

Dec 24, 2011 - 0 comments

When in to hospital today and meet my midwife. I called her this morning as I started having contractions on Friday which were rather painful, they made my toes curl! Had a terrible nights sleep because of them and had alot of vaginal pressure and pain.

Had a CTG (NST) performed which revealed strong contractions albeit not labour contractions, but a sign that baby wants to make an entrance. Internal exam revealed that my cervix is 2 cm dilated, and baby is already deep down and engaged. Part of my mucous plug easily came off on my midwifes gloves, and she was rather suprised and expects baby to be born within the week. We are a bit suprised, well hubby not, I am as I hoped for at least 38 weeks, but this pregnancy has been rocky and unfortunately have had so much stress........Most important is that she is born healthy and the borth is once again natural and uncomplicated :-)

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