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Still hangin in there!!!!!!!

Jan 29, 2009 - 3 comments

Hi all,  Thank God I am still feeling well. No VT and PVC!!!!!!!!! Since the ablation. Hope everyone is well.
Thinking of you all!

I made it through the ablation

Nov 06, 2008 - 10 comments

I’m fresh out of the hospital.  The ablation lasted 6hrs. My Dr. was determined to bring on a run of VT all he got was 5 beats of it.  I did not do well with the pacing of my heart. The meds made me sick to my stomach and I was alert for about 2hrs or more at the end. He did ablate some areas.

That night I had 3 or 4 beats of VT. My magnesium and potassium were off so they think that may have caused it.
The nurse told me they really do not think it was anything to worry about. She said they don't alert the Dr unless it more than 10beats.

They sent me to the cath lab on Wednesday to check for any blockages. No blocks but they found that one of my arteries and veins connect. They are not worried about this.  

I am home and my heart is doing flip/flops not really sure if I am cured because of the VT beats after the ablation.

I am thinking if he could not bring on a long run then maybe I will never have one again. I still have to take the meds but they really don not bother me.

Will see Dr in 4weeks.

All in all it really was not that bad. Don't think I would do it again though.

Thank to all of you for all the good wishes and support. I really do not think I could have made it with out all of you :)