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TIA Stuff

Oct 13, 2008 - 1 comments

I had my second TIA in two years back in September. well TIA's are Trans Ichemic Attacks.. The symptoms are supposed to disolve themselves in a matter of 24 hours. Well i had a problem with left sided weakness. I stil have the problem even 5 weeks after the stroke.'s 5 weeks today. So anyway I went to see a nuerologist the other day. I actually saw a PA.. anyway the guy told me to take 5 steps I took 3 and lost my balance on my right side which is opposite my left.. anyway.. My leg gives out on me all the time.. i didn't give out when he made me walk.. so he's telling me that i should abandon the walker i'm using.. and not listen to the rehab people because I'm okay basically. The rehab people told me it's going to be a couple more weeks yet with this walker.. So really I don't know what to do... i don't know if i should ask to see the actual nuerologist.. i don't know.. It's just frustrating.. A TIA is a mini stroke basically and it makes me wonder if it was more than a mini stroke even though they said it wasn't.. because I still have some of the symtoms.. my eye doctor told me that my vision has gotten worse.. I told the PA that and he said my eye doctor was full of **** and the TIA and the vision problems can't be related..