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When people you care about relaspe

Apr 29, 2009 - 0 comments

A young  lady that I have been sponsoring for 22 months relasped over easter vacation @her mom's house, she continued too use up to  last sat. Sunday nite she called crying and told me that she had used.
We got together on Mon. and talked about it and I spent about 4 hours with her around the issues at hand. Afterwards I  gave her a starting back up direction to go in and how to do it. I met her at the  na meeting and she picked up her white chip.,that was Tuesday, she has been ay a meeting daily and will contine to do so until she has found some acceptance of what she has done and moved father away from the guilt and shame.The winner's keep comming back

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Brother relasped

Apr 17, 2009 - 0 comments






As some of you remember my brother left for south fla on thankgining day and was in a treatment facility fir 30 days.
Well last month we had some suspiction that he was using again, questionable behavior,dropped his meetings, missing money. You know the drill.
Well he has all but displayed every behavior he has that says I'M USING.
Last night the dope man delivered to the driveway.
Powerless, angry sad, afraid for family living on the property
Half a million spread in Johnston Co.
Now I shall pray Please pray that this slip will be short lived..and that he will live through it.
Most of his using is done in the hood...They love to see him comming.

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24 Years Clean

Jan 21, 2009 - 6 comments

Today I have BRAGGING rights. I only get to do this once a year.The rest of the year it's best that I remain a attitude of gratitude.This year I feel especially thankful for those who came be-fore me and taught me how to live One day at a time without the use of mind altering chemicals. I have appreciated this community and the support I have recieved by a special few.  I CAN"T  WE CAN Blessings Be To All

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Jan 02, 2009 - 3 comments

recovery date

I an  19 days away from picking up my 24 years clean chip Hard for me to believe at times   freebird227

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