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to have more or not to have more..

Nov 30, 2010 - 0 comments

So lately the talk between DH and I has been, do we have one more or are 2 beautiful girls enough? We always talked about having 3 kids, but these days, it feels like 2 is just right. If we do try for another, we would start trying relatively soon (I know Emma is only 6 months, but it took forever to get preggers last time..) It's pretty much up to me now, DH is happy with the girls (and so am I), but I always felt like 3 was the right number for us. Plus, I really would like to be pregnant one last time, as I didn't treat Emma's pregnancy like my last (as I was expecting we would have another). Plus there's the financial aspect of it..Can we afford another (in the long term more than anything. We would like to be able to pay for Uni/College for our kids if that what they choose they want to do) and also it would set us back at least a few years to buying a house..IDK...

Prolapsed uterus/cervix

Jun 01, 2010 - 14 comments

So, Emma had her 2 week check up today. She's not gaining any weight (nor is she losing). The Dr said she's got a lazy latch and is somewhat tongue tied, so he wants me to pump and feed her from a bottle. He also said it wouldn't hurt to give her some formula too. We picked up some formula on the way home and she's already drank 4 oz. I pumped, but only got an ounce. Maybe it's me?? I also mentioned to him that I'm still bleeding quite a bit (TMI...sorry) and that my vagina felt full. He checked it, and it turns out I have a prolapsed uterus/cervix. My Cervix is at the opening of my vagina..he's sending an urgent request to a gynacologist for an appt. I'm really concerned..I don't know what degree of prolapse it is yet, as he didn't want to speculate. I just hope it won't require any surgical intervention. Also, I don't know, is it possible to carry a pregnancy after a prolapse? We want 3 kids, and although I thank God we now have 2 beautiful girls, we would like to try for a 3rd in the future..If anyone has any info on prolapsed uterus/cervix, and weither or not you can have a safe pregnancy after having a prolapse, it would be greatly appreciated..

Emma's Birth Story

May 20, 2010 - 3 comments

So, we had a bit of an ordeal getting her here, but she's here now and we're thrilled!! On Sunday (the 16th) we went into the hospital at around 3pm. I was dilated to 4 cm, about 60% effaced. I was asked to walk around for an hour or so, which I did. Also got something light to eat, since once you're admitted, you can no longer eat at all. We were admitted after we got back from the walk, although no progress had been made. I got in the tub to ease the pain of my contractions. It helped a lot. Over that time, the contractions weren't coming any stronger and all I wanted was to be at home if it was going to take a while, so we came home. I got a few hours of rest..the next morning we went to wal mart and walked around for a couple of hours. The contractions started getting a little stronger. Got home and was resting for a bit, then the contractions got so bad we couldn't even time them. So, back to the hospital we was about 3 o'clock and they admitted me right away. They got an IV in on the 4th try (apparently I have crooked veins, lol!) I sat on the birthing ball for quite a while hoping for the baby to come down further in my pelvis to finish effacing. I was making progress, but very slowly. Luckily at shift change, I got the nurse I had had the night before. She was surprised at the slow progress (this being my second time having a baby), so she was trying to "guide" the Dr into breaking my water. Did I mention she was the most awesome nurse ever!! After a board of obstetricians approved an induction, they broke my water and were to start pitocin soon after. I got my epidural before they started my pitocin. My nurse (Lindsey) went on break and instructed the nurse covering to start the pitocin drip in 20 minutes. My contractions were becoming regular and more intense, then when Lindsey came back, she said she'd turn up the pitocin drip and we found out it hadn't even been started yet!! The other nurse "forgot" to put it into my IV..Once the pitocin was started things moved quickly. I was throwing up a lot from the pain, which helped to move the baby down. Close to delivery time, I was 8 cm with just a little lip of cervix left. I threw up, and within 5 minutes I was ready to push. I pushed from 2:07 to 2:29 when she came out. The cord was around her neck, which had been preventing her from descending. The Dr also said she looked over, my original dates were prob. correct. I'll finish later, she's hungry....


May 06, 2010 - 3 comments

So, last night I was having painful contractions every 8 minutes (approx.), I was convinced that this would be "it". My MIL was over for dinner so DH could help her with her retirement plan. She's had 3 babies, and left early to go pack a bag if we needed her to come stay with DD overnight. She thought for sure I'd have to go in overnight. Well, weren't we all fooled. I got a decent nights sleep..which is actually quite odd, as I have not been sleeping well AT ALL lately. When I was laying down I was crampy, but nothing like the contractions I'd been feeling earlier, which actually made my eyes bug out. I was "nesting" a ton yesterday, so I'm wondering if the intense amount of activity was the culprit..still feeling gross today. My belly is even lower today, my back has a constant ache and I feel sick to my stomach. I don't know what's up. I've been through labour before, so it's not like I don't know what to expect, but I keep thinking that the contractions are the real deal, and then I'm horribly fooled. IDK, I guess my biggest worry is that DD came SO fast that I'm scared I won't make it on time this time around, and will end up delivering in the hall or worse, in the car. I know how unlikely that is to happen, but it's still a HUGE fear for me. Just want to meet this baby...and be done with all the guessing games...