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Oct 28, 2008 - 0 comments






My refluxer is Catherine, my second daughter. She is a former 24-weeker, and is now 4 1/2 months past her original due date. She has comparatively few medical issues, considering her very early arrival and extremely low birth weight (540 gm). We consider ourselves very lucky.

Even so, her GERD is such a pain!

She was tentatively diagnosed while still in the NICU. She was arching away from and refusing her bottles. The problem seemed to get better with the use of Ranitidine. She came home after being 100% oral for 5-6 days.

Although both DH and I had fed her in the NICU before her discharge, it was tough feeding her that first week. Which bottle? Which nipple? Which feeding position? Nursing or bottling? She had some really big spitups that week - just 3-4 throughout the entire week - and didn't seem very interested in eating most of the time.

She didn't gain any significant weight that week and was diagnosed with Failure to Thrive at the end of the week. After being admitted to a hospital for a couple days, we got to go home with an NG tube in place. All were hopeful that she wouldn't need it for more than a couple weeks.

So, four months later, she still has an NG tube, and is now 100% tube fed! So frustrating! We started out that first week with 3-4 spitups, total; now we typically have 3-4 spitups (vomitting episodes) on an average day. Her reluctance to take oral feedings gradually increased over that period, and DH and I found ourselves with a very orally aversive baby.

We fed her breastmilk mixed with Alimentum for the first three months, then I went out on a limb and took the formula out of her diet. I hoped that this might ease the problems. It did help her overall health, it seemed. She had less trouble stooling, and her energy level seemed to pick up. But the vomitting continued.

I'm now trying to eliminate certain foods from my own diet (and thereby from my breastmilk), to see if that might help ease her symptoms. The results are inconclusive so far. She's been on my "purified" breast milk for just 5 days, so it's too early to tell for certain.