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late again?

Feb 22, 2010 - 0 comments

so I just realized that I'm once again late (4 days so far) and no symptoms of anything... this is slightly pissing me off to be honest, last year I was constantly 2-3 days early or late, due to stop taking birth control and finally got back to my "normal" cycle of 28ish days in November, and since the begining of this year once again, I am COMPLETELY off, in january I was 3 WEEKS late, then I had a AF of 2 days (middle and light), and I counted that as day 1 again, since I took like 3 tests and all were BFN, now I'm on CD 32 and am totally frustrated and don't know what to do...

I'm so sick of all this crap

Jan 05, 2010 - 1 comments

i'm late now 3 days, i have never been late or irregular in my life, but ever since i got off birth control i am? thats BS!!!! well, i'm gonna wait until friday then i'll be heading to the doc and then, we'll see... but really if i'm late i need to be pregnant, not being late just because of other influences, thats torture!!!!

mind splitting headaches

Jul 10, 2009 - 0 comments

so around lunch i got this headache that was barely noticable, but it got stronger and stronger, then around 4ish it got so bad i was nauseated by it, and had to throw up twice, it felt like my head is getting split by an ax


Jul 08, 2009 - 0 comments

so this morning i got very nauseated on my way to work, i almost had to pull over, and it only takes me like 10 minutes to work... and then as i got there i threw up a little, not much since there wasnt much in my stomach, i had just woken up, then i had breakfast n was alright...