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Feb 26, 2009 - 0 comments


It's been awhile since i loged on...been pretty busy..Took my 13 yr old back to the doctors this month and she was recommened to see a rheumatologist..they did MORE blood work which again the ANA was high and a skin biops..we go back to see her in about a week or so. There is a possable 3 things that could be causing this skin rash out break...pluse to top it off her BP was high I thought it was from her being nervous so they redid it and yet again it was we been watching that. Good thing is she doesn't have dieabities...makes me wonder though..why she drinks so much complains she is still thirsty..who knows.

my 13 yr old

Oct 29, 2008 - 1 comments

scalp psoriasis

My daughter *only child* has psoriasis now for 4 yrs, out of the 4 yrs she has had one sevier case of was BAD..loosing her hair around the temple area, and 99.9% of her scalp was covered in it...she was miserable, As I remember she had missed alot of school because of it. Now were working on yr 4 its getting to the point that she doesnt want to go outdoors because of the *flakes* she wont wear certain clothes. I bought so much otc **** just so she can get some relief, i gave her oatmeal baths, dzs of doc visits and every cream he gave her didnt help just seemed to thin the skin out in that area of the cream. I was able to get a referal to a dermatologist who is awesom BUT the waiting list is like 2 months. So I had went back to the family doc and he gave her a shampoo it helps but the next day BAM its back and im only supposed to use it every other day ARGHHH and she has thick butt hair. Takes me and g-ma a good hr to put this shampoo on. She's 13 and her image is everything. Im worried that she will fall into a depression and her grades will then start to drop and she is doing so good this yr. I feel so bad for her if it wasnt for me having it she wouldnt have it either. My case isnt half as bad as her's but if one parent has it good chance the child will get it. I did some reaserch in my family of medical history..turns out psoriasis runs in my dad's side of the family. my dad's sister has it and my dad has it but not bad I have it not too bad mostly around the hairline and a few patchs on my legs which i can handle that. But my daughter has/had the worse case of it in the family.