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Thoughts of mine

Jan 16, 2016 - 0 comments

I mean wisdom. Maybe. Taking Rusty to Pinky Poo, the groomers where he will get his nails cut and his rear-end glands expressed. Certain breeds need this when they start sliding (Doing his wheel-barrel impression) on the carpet, it is time to go. $10 does it for both jobs plus a tip.

It is raining :) here in Sac. after four years with not a drop, it is a welcome site. We really need every drop we can recover. Michael needs to get out and mow today, our grass is thriving.

Reading with sadness about the lady from Chicago who was on vacation in Belze who was raped and murdered, after she took her yoga matt out on a dock to do some excerise. I guess she wanted to go horse-back riding but they did not have enough horses so she was killing an hour or two. She was a beautiful girl, I guess she was traveling alone. I also read about a real estate agent who was set up to "show" a place and was raped and murdered. Horrible. Safety in numbers, don't do anything alone. Or keep some good personal protection.

Payday, finally

Jan 01, 2016 - 0 comments

I had a ball yesterday. Got paid early, 31st instead of the 3rd of the month, nice surprise. So first I paid my sister-in-law back, then I went shopping for my son Mike's birthday which is coming up on the 14th of Jan. I got a gift bag that said "Happy BDay" then got a cool card. I got him stuff he likes and needs but never buys himself cause he runs out of money. Like batteries, stamps, A big can of Cashews and same of Pitstachios. Black Pepper Beef Jerky, hot and spicy jumbo sunflower seeds, Gorilla Super glue (he always borrows mine) Duke's Hot & Spicy smoked sausages. A black & burgundy travel [email protected] Coffee Mug, Hope he likes it. The card says something like "I know you aren't a child anymore but you'll always be my little boy." Isn't that the truth.

I made a huge mistake and dyed my natural blonde hair this awful dark brown with purplish red highlights and have hated it ever since sooooo today I get to bleach it back to blonde, very relieved and happy about that. Went to Sally's and got all the crap I will need for that. Will report on it, no I will take a pic and post it. I do have to go to Walgreen and trade in the toner I got for it, too light, I want a more natural looking beige blonde. One of my gifts was a haircut! So maybe after I color I will go get it shaped and trimmed.

I have gotten back into my art again and its very therapeutic (relaxing). I had made a new playlist on youtube so I played that while drawing. I drew a cute baby Alpaca, also this garly looking old tree with a red bleeding heart hanging from it. It is all black and white except for the heart. Also a set of pics, one Ballet slippers and the other girl's Ice skates. Need  to color those. Pretty excited about those.

My son and fiancée went to the NA dance last night, didn't even hear them come in so they must have had fun. Took pictures of them before they left. Must be so nice to be in love, ya know? Having someone to share the happy times and the sorrow is so important. Myself I am happy alone now but I have already had my loves, three of them. I was never very good at pickin em! I always picked the bad boys, not the ones that would have treated me like a queen. All good though, I have had a very good life, many blessings, not complaining that is for sure.

2016 will be a very good year! You ask why I know this? Because we are going to MAKE it a very good year. Let's resolutions for this year. !. Exercise more (even if it's just walking) 2. Excerise Rusty more 3. Take Rusty to the Doggie Park more. 4. Don't isolate so much 5.Manage my money better (or lack thereof) 6. Work toward stopping smoking.

Happy New Year

So close to 2016, a fresh, beautiful new year!!

Dec 28, 2015 - 0 comments

We are doing fine, great holidays, lots of blessings, family, friends. Looking forward to the new year. The puppy dogs are fat and happy. Rusty starting a new diet. Of course when a dog gets fat it's the owner's fault and that's me. So we (the dog) are going to eat a lot less "cookies" (dog treats) and have only natural hard food for the evening meal and take in the most calories in the morning. More exercise, more doggy park. Hopefully a slim new Rusty by spring!
My doctor finally has a handle on my chronic pain, I get two Norco a.m. two p.m. Hoping I don't get too dependent on it. Ativan replaces the Xanax Jan. 3 for anxiety. I am glad to have a doctor that cares about getting me off Xanax. When I had to go cold turkey in between changing my health care and it was pure hell. It went on and on for weeks, not days. I got through it though and better off for it. Xanax is an evil drug that you never want to stop suddenly if you can help it, always taper slowly, any drug that makes you dependent.
I have been having a ball on Google Earth! You can go along the beach down in Baha or Ice skate in Central Park. Or you can go to the house you grew up in. You can go to the London Bridge or the Brooklyn Bridge. Anywhere on earth! If you are stuck at home like I am, it's fun! The ghetto's of Detroit or the San Francisco Ballet, its all there. You even get to fly there, really! It is my wish that everyone who reads this journal has a better year than 2014, happy and safe and most especially well. As well as you can be! Happy New Year Folks and MedHelp Staff.

My shopping trip I couldn't even finish.

Aug 10, 2015 - 0 comments








Yesterday I slept for 24hrs! That never happens unless I'm getting sick or fighting something off. So I just went with it. I didn't have any problem sleeping all night either. However today when I got up my back hit a whole new level of pain. Today was shopping day though so I went. I got half way through my shopping and my back hurt soooo bad I had to come home half done. My son had the nerve to raise his voice to me and said we have no vegetables for dinner. When he went to lay down, I looked myself and found creamed corn and fresh carrots! When he starts in I just go into my room and close the door. He is not about to ruin my day, it's bad enough my back is hurting so bad. In a few minutes he came to the outside of my door and said "Mom, I'm sorry I'm such an azz-hole" I accept the apology but I'd much rather he would think before he spoke.
Anyway, I hope it was just a bad day for my back and tomorrow will be better. I sure don't like going to the store twice! Bad enough one time. I have told my son before that if he didn't like the way I did the shopping there was sure no objection on my part to do it himself! Which I think is going to have to start happening if my back pain doesn't get better. And I don't see that happening. I have disk-degeneration in L-2 thru L-7. But it hurts all the up to the middle of my back. When I got home I took two Tramodol and two Aceaminophen, it feels better now. Plus I 'm sitting now. I actually look forward to my shopping trips, it's the only time I get out of the house, except for walks with Rusty. Well tomorrows another day, God willing.